Thursday, February 26, 2009

Husband Upgrade?

My husband is great, but there is one little teeny tiny thing I would like to change about him. I wish he could clean up vomit. He gets sick when he smells it (and who doesn't) and because of that he can't clean it up. We have had the bug here and all 3 boys have had vomiting and diarrhea for days. Of course, you know that if he would commit to cleaning up vomit from here on out, no one would get sick. He does do the diapers without complaint so I will keep him without any upgrades.

Finn was sick over the weekend and I had a very productive Sunday, doing tons of wash (washed everyone sheets, mattress pads and bathroom rugs), cleaned the kitchen and bathroom (remember we only have one), made waffles for breakfast and made 2 extra batches for the freezer, folded all the laundry and went to bed feeling proud of my clean house.

I thought Finn was finished and I sent him to school on Monday. Quincy had a fever and had just finished throwing up when the school called and asked me to pick up Finn: He threw up on his desk just after school started. I did the walk of shame to the office to pick up my son, who was now wearing unfamiliar clothes, while carrying another sick child and praying Paxton wouldn't start fussing to be carried. We made it home without incident and the day seemed like any normal day. Alvin didn't think I should send Finn to school Tuesday, so we kept him home. Quincy was now sick and crying out, "Mom I need you." When asked why, he said "just because."

Wednesday morning, Quincy woke me up to tell me that Finn was throwing up. Got it all cleaned up, medicated Finn (he's coughing and it might be gagging him) and everyone went back to bed until 7. Alvin had an early morning meeting, Finn was still sleeping and Quincy (really would like to use my favorite word here.Sh..) crapped through his diaper on the couch. HUGE MESS. Bath number one for the day. I went to the dentist.more on that later, came home and the day went smoothly, except for sick kid whining. Just after dinner, came bath 2. Bed time, and 10 minutes later bath 3, more sheets, mattress pads, pillows and bath rugs to be washed.and he had a bucket next to him in bed. He's still whiny now, but no major messes yet.

Now, it's Thursday and you think you know what I am going to say. Nope, Finn is feeling fine and wants to go to school, but awakes to the phone ringing at 6:30am telling us that there no school for Finn because of the snow. It's practically March and you are telling me it's snowed so bad they have to delay school (half day kindergarten is only 2 ½ hours). And on top of all that, the school calls, wakes the entire family up, when it is a perfectly good day to sleep in. Its 11:45, sunny and gorgeous outside, albeit cold, and the snow will all be gone soon. Finn is working in his workbook, so at least I feel like the day isn't turning into another TV day.


  1. I am so sorry you've had to deal with all that sickness! I can't trade you husbands, because mine won't clean up vomit either, same excuse.

    I feel bad for Finn missing so much school due to the snow days. When they twins are in Kindergarten, you've got to try to get them in afternoon (or all day!) At least then they'll still get to go on the late start days. I think they should work out something where they alternate which K class gets to go on late start days, but I guess that would be pretty confusing.

  2. I'm sorry. Sick days (nights, weeks) are the worst!

  3. Where do you ever find the energy to accomplish all that you do? I can't even find the energy to mop the kitchen floor. hehe I am gald Finn, Paxton and Quincy are all feeling better now. Find me a dialysis job over in Bremerton or Olympia and I can move up there and use my days off to drive around to your place early and give you a "Moms Day Off". Like the idea?

  4. PS, I can't type! I meant GLAD the boys are better. ;-(