Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, sick kids, mom's nearly crazy and I have to go to the dentist. I haven't been in 6 years. I used to be a dental junkie and went every 6 months when I had insurance (double insurance we paid for nothing but the coverage. Alvin lost his job, when the company he worked for called it quits and Finn was just 5 days old. For 6 months, my companys FMLA covered our dental and medical insurance, but that ended when I "decided" not to go back). I've been having some tooth pain, and decided it was time to go and hoping at the same time my tooth ache was related to my cold. I scheduled the appointment 2 weeks ago and fretted about going. no, I don't hate the dentist, but I am always afraid of what they might find.

The day arrives and I am nearly excited to go, just to get out of the house without kids. My mom shows up and I am off! Okay, something is wrong. The sign says dental, but I feel like I am walking into spa. There is cultured rock on the walls, plush chairs, a beautiful turkish rug on the floor (anyone going to Turkey soon) and a water fall filling the room with soothing noise (makes me wonder how the receptionist can sit there with out having to pee several times an hour). I was immediately taken back for my xrays, and then had to wait a while...not a problem, because the coffee table was covered in CURRENT magazines. Magazines that people actually read and something for everyone...maybe too many, because I had a hard time picking something out of the 30-40 choices. Couldn't decide between style, travel, home, and ended up picking up family fun (well, you can take me away from the kids, but you can't make me stop thinking about them...really, it was close to the top and I was afraid to upset the pile).

So time comes that I have to get in the chair and they put a pillow under my neck. The offices were bright and clean and staff was friendly. Cleaning went well, I was even told that my teeth weren't all that bad for waiting so long to come in, but they hurt all day yesterday. And I am pleased to report that I had nothing majorly wrong! I should go have a few fillings, because one tooth is broken (can I sue willy wonka...I used to love coke bottlecaps until one broke my tooth 5 years ago) and one tooth has a flaw in the enamel.

I may wait a few months to do that, just so I can save some money, but over all it was a pleasant experience.

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  1. Thanks, Erika, for making Nathan's day! Most people blog about how much they hate their dentist, so this was a pleasant surprise. :-)

    We missed you at Playgroup on Wednesday. It just isn't the same without P & Q there.