Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday cake

So, I feel like I have spent too much time in the kitchen lately...yesterday it was a loaf of bread, a batch of hotdog buns and 3 batches of sugar cookies (Finn's valentines party at school...and he gets to take birthday cookies) and the day before I baked a loaf of bread and hamburger buns. Today, I started a loaf of bread and packaged all those cookies, and now I have to start baking a birthday cake. All of that is with out mentioning our meals.
I asked Finn what kind of cake he wanted...he could have picked anything and I would have picked something Chocolate. Alvin has Finn brainwashed to think that Vanilla is the best flavor. I think Alvin was talking about vanilla ice cream, but Finn is now insisting on a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Come on Kid, vanilla cake with fudge frosing, lemon frosting, caramel frosting....something besides white on white. (Okay, what I am really thinking is I could buy something that boring at safeway. I am going to try manipulation...I think vanilla caramel frosting sounds like something he'll jump at.

Notice the snow in the background...yep, it snowed yesterday. It was gone by this afternoon!


  1. You are amazing! Making your own hamburger and hotdog buns, how cool is that? They look delicious. I'm with you on the white on white cake thing. Chocolate on chocolate, now that's a different story!

  2. I hope you made the caramel vanilla frosting! I'd love to have your hot dog bun recipe. Happy Birthday Finn!