Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What am I up to?

Jen noticed that I haven't put anything up here for more than a few here is why. I am tired! I have had sick kids and not feeling so hot myself and then add loss of sleep from sick kids. Yeah, you get it. Then there is the self doubt that creeps into my mind, that maybe I am just not handling motherhood well and it has nothing to do with 2 year olds. And I don't like to write a bunch of negative stuff on here, so it's better for me to wait until I have something positive to write about.

And here is it. Okay, it's a little overcooked, but to me it is beautiful.It's sourdough, rip the top of your mouth crusty and chewy on the inside. It was my first attempt at this recipe and I think I am going to have to adjust heat next time and I am also going to double the recipe, because it's too flat and my dutch oven is too big. I have my next batch started for cooking tomorrow.

Monday, I baked my favorite bread recipe, but substituted honey for molassas and it was DELICIOUS. We ate both loaves in one day.

So anyone have advice for getting kids to sleep all night long? I've been to the doctor and he suggested locking them in their rooms, so they can't get out, but Alvin won't agree to it, and I think that would be horrid for the downstairs neighbors. Quincy wakes up early and wants to watch tv, then wakes up Paxton, who hasn't slept well all's a recipe for grumpy parents. Maybe Alvin will want to lock them in tonight. I am lucky though, I called my mom this morning and she took the twins while Finn was at school and I got a little nap. Early to bed tonight.


  1. Melatonen = it works like a charm :)

  2. I take Melatonen for myself. it makes me fall asleep, but I am not groggy when I wake up. is it safe for kids though?

  3. ohhh that looks wonderful. I love crusty bread. Sorry for the kid stress. I am only a step mom, but don't let doubt creep in there and get you down. You are a wonderful mom, I can tell from 3 thousand miles away.

  4. First, I want to say that I admire your honesty. Most people won't admit when they feel they are defeated. I know first hand that you are a GREAT mom. We all have our days of doubt especially when we are run down. You do good by your boys & I know that for a FACT!!

    About the bread, Jr. saw it and said YUM, I'll have to get a starter so I can make him some.


  5. Your bread looks amazing! I've never used a sourdough starter before. Do you have to keep using it and feeding it regularly, or can it take some neglect? I've done the Amish Friendship bread thing and that was too much work! Plus I ended up with way too much of the stuff, I guess I don't have enough friends!

  6. Jenny, Still learning about sourdough starter, but I think you have to feed it once a week or so (flour and water). I am leaving mine unrefrigerated because I like it extra sour, but not sure if that is "right." Still need to figute out how to make "regular" bread with it, but you have to make a sponge...and I am scared to try it.