Friday, January 30, 2009


Not sure why I am glad it's Friday, because the weekends don't seem a whole lot different than the weekdays at my house.

Here are some things that happened here this week:

Paxton and Quincy unloaded the dishwasher -- hope they don't break the dishwasher door.
I made my own hamburger buns for dinner last night. Won't recommend the recipe yet because they were a little "pretzley" tasting, but the dinner was great. Portabella gardenburgers, swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms (with truffle salt) and avacados, lettuce and tomato. DELISH!

I took the little boys (trying not to call them twins all the time) to the library's toddler dance party. True to my boys, one loved it and one wanted to go home. We compromised and when we left 5 minutes early.

Normally, on Fridays I make homemade pizza for dinner (makes me feel like I get take out, I guess) but not tonight: I am trying this recipe. It just seemed easier to dump stuff into the crockpot and make some rice. Don't think I would recommend this it 8 hours made the chicken dry, although it had good flavor.

I think I am stressed. Not sleeping well (as usual) but had a few other things come up. The worst thing is my mom has had some health issues and the whole family is a little anxious. I am going to ask Alvin for a shoulder rub tonight, and maybe follow it with nyquil for a good nights sleep.


  1. Erika, is your mother OK? Please tell Sharon and Ross I will pray for, them and for you and your siblings too. Much love, Chris

  2. She is doing good, probably going crazy because she has to take it easy for a week (it's the first time she has told me more than once that she is cold). I will tell her. Thanks