Monday, January 12, 2009

Hummus, Rice and Super Glue

No, that wasn't our dinner. Well, the hummus was and it went over very well. The boys like the idea of dipping things and ate pretty well. I add tons of sun dried tomatoes, so I feel like they are getting some vitamins. I served it with Pita Chips, carrots, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and sweet peppers. Apparently, I added a bit too much garlic (I had only a few cloves left, so I added them in) and when my brother came over tonight, he told us we stink.

This afternoon I brought our water table in from outside and cleaned it off, with a lot of help and mess from the boys. I emptied our rice bin into it and let them play. Of course, I put a mat down, but rice is all over our living room. They love it and it keeps them entertained. I looked over once, and Paxton and Quincy, clad in only their diapers were taking turns, laying over the top and dumping rice over each others backs.

And I love super glue...okay, it's actually krazy glue, but I love it. A few years ago, I put glue on a paper cut and it helped, then I saw them using medical type stuff on ER and after using it on hang nails, I determined it would be good enough for Alvin when he gets cut. So, now my goal this year is to not go to the doctor to get stitches. I was sweeping up the rice with my hands, and I remembered this...because I have super glued my thumb shut. On Saturday, Finn was playing with a fork against the knob of a drawer and bent the tynes of the fork. I could have gotten angry, but I just wanted to get the boys to the table for dinner and Alvin wasn't home. So, I tried to straighten the fork with my hands, ending up with a deep gash on my thumb (yes, it was extremely painful, because like your forks, mine are dull). My initial thought was "I'm 5 feet away from the super glue" and I went with it...I didn't wash, just wiped the blood off and glued it shut. Okay, I don't know if I would have needed stitches, but it wasn't pretty and hurt...and it hasn't kept me from doing a thing, including baths and dishes. Next time you are in need, glue it shut and hope to hell you haven't gotten an infection trapped in there.


  1. Hmmm Super Glue everything? Sounds like your ammonia/bleach solution to get the mold off our walls at

  2. My problem would be that I faint at the sight of blood (yes, very embarrassing!) So I would probably end up passing out and dribbling Super Glue all over myself. :-P

  3. Can't wait to try it! I needed to know this a few weeks ago when I cut my finger on a can lid, then cut the same finger, but the other side, with a knife. I hate band-aids. I wash my hands so often, the band-aids get soggy and fall off, so I'm constantly changing them.

  4. Best part aout my spedy thinking, is that I hadn't really started bleeding yet...put some pressure on it and get the glue on fast, before the blood comes to the surface again. Barely any blood.
    And yes, I did mix bleach and ammonia, and it cleaned the walls with out quite killing me!

  5. Liquid bandaid works great, too! And it keeps the infection out! I've used it on my daughter's head a couple of times.

    Hey, wasn't that bleach/ammonia solution used in MY apartment?