Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What do I do all day?

I miss my friends. Amy, Sarah, Mary and the hoards of others that I don't call when I want to, just to chat. I wish I could, but the kids just make it hard and then I feel out of touch.

Yesterday I called Sarah. She understands my life, because it's hers. She has a 6 year old, and twin boys that are a few months older than mine. I miss having daily converstaions, and yet when we talked, I felt like not much time had passed.

So, if I have been out of touch, don't think it's just you. Because in truth it's just me (or my kids) and I hope that someday we will reconnect, when things aren't so chaotic.

For those with older kids that need a reminder, or those with no's what keeps me busy all day.


  1. I recently received this article from a friend (I think it's making its way around the island). The author totally nailed it. Somedays I seriously begin to wonder if I even know how to have an adult conversation anymore.

    Hope you can come to the playgroup today - 10:45am. It's always fun to see you there.