Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Several friends have posted this on their blogs or facebook, so I thought I would give it a try.

25 Random Things
1. I hate boobs…and I was burdened with unnecessarily large ones, so I had them reduced at age 16 and they grew back. But I strongly support breast feeding, if only my boobs could do the one thing they were meant to do.
2. I have only broken 2 bones: one finger and one in the ball of my foot, which was broken so many times (high heels) I had to have it removed.
3. I had carpal tunnel surgery when my twins were 8 months old, and I am afraid it is going to come back.
4. I grew up next door to where I live now. I hated growing up on a farm, and truthfully don’t love it now, but I love it for my kids.
5. I hate thrift stores. I would love to be more frugal, but the smell in those stores makes me nauseous.
6. I don’t eat shrimp…I like it, but I think it gives me migraines. And every time I go out to eat with my siblings, I always have to pick around it because they don’t remember.
7. I love having a garden, but wish someone else would do the work. One year, we grew almost everything for homemade salsa, which we canned and then gave to our neighbors (with a bag of chips), for Christmas.
8. I would prefer to eat no meat, but my husband will only agree to a few meatless meals a week.
9. Most of my favorite vegetables start with A (Artichokes, avocado, asparagus)
10. I don’t like to cuddle in bed (but will tolerate it for a few minutes). I blame my parents, being the second born, they probably never slept with me…and I don’t sleep with my kids.
11. I like to read fiction…My life is enough nonfiction for me.
12. I loved the name Finn for years, even told Alvin that if he wouldn’t name a child Finn, I wouldn’t marry him. When my sister gave her son it as a middle name, I barely talked to her until she changed it (not sure our relationship has ever really recovered).
13. I think I am well traveled and yet I have traveled the least of all my family (siblings and parents)
14. I have always wanted to go skydiving.
15. I am a certified scuba diver…but haven’t been since my honeymoon. I have a friend who may go with me in the Puget Sound this summer.
16. I was in Jamaica on my honeymoon on September 11, 2001 and couldn’t get home, so we had to stay an extra week.
17. I didn’t vote republican or democrat in this past election (I voted for a woman) because I wanted to be able to say “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.”
18. My I-pod has very little music on it. Instead I have podcasts and audio books…they make “escaping” easier.
19. I love to nap. I have been known to nap just about anywhere, including under a desk, in the car but I love it when the sun shines through a window and warms me.
20. I drive a minivan, but feel I have a small car personality. Can’t back that big thing like you can a little car.
21. I don’t like to eat meat off the bone…probably one of the reasons why I don’t like meat, especially fried chicken because of the connective tissue. It grosses me out.
22. I got my first tattoo when I was 20, and almost got a second one…now I am glad I stopped with one.
23. I took piano lessons from age 8 until 14 and I hated every minute of it, and now I don’t play and I don’t think I will make my kids play an instrument.
24. I always wanted 3 kids, but thought there would be more girls than boys. And no, there is no family history of twins.
25. I LOVED being pregnant, but it didn’t love me and almost killed me both times.

Oh, if you are reading this and haven't done it, you should. It took me 2 hours to come up with this list and I had to nap inbetween. Post it on facebook or myspace if you don't have a blog.


  1. This is so much fun to read. These things just never seem to come up in casual conversation, but they are so fun to know.

    I'm going to be forever jealous of you getting an extra week in Jamaica. I'm sure it was fairly traumatic at the time, but from where I'm sitting, it sounds heavenly. (My honeymoon consisted of 1 night in a sleazy hotel at Lake Powell, then back to work on Monday. Sigh.)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Erika. I've known you for a long time, but still don't know you very well. This helps! I agree with #3. I love my veggie garden when I'm out in it, but it's so hard for me to get out there and do the work.

  3. I love you Erika! Oh, and I love your husband and your wonderful, adorable boys. My iPhone is loaded with music, check out Adele, I am sure you will love her.

  4. Clarifying #22, we were 22 not 20 when we got our tattoos, it was on my 22nd birthday :)