Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday, I cursed the Weather persons (Alvin watches a weather woman) because they couldn't get it right. They predicted a storm with loads of snow, and yet we didn't see a flake. And the weather people said there was more coming... starting about midnight. I waited and nothing. I was up at 3am and still nothing. At 5:50am the phone rang with a recording from the school saying that school was cancelled and there was only 1/2 inch. Thanks School District...You woke us all up and we had no need to be up (even when school is on we don't have to be up until 8:00am), so now I have a bored, tired 5 year old. And it didn't let up until afternoon. We have a total of 4 inches and it's cold, so it should be around for a while.

School is already cancelled for tomorrow...this news brought tears because Finn's class was supposed to have a party.
Today was a little tough, becuase I didn't want to go outside. Finn spent a large portion of the day out there, and now I realize that he needs some snow boots. I got some cleaning done, but mostly I worked on a Christmas present. I'll post a picture tomorrow, IF i get them finished.


  1. Your post is very similar to the one I posted today. When the school district woke me up at 5:30am to cancel school, I looked out and could barely make out a skiff of snow. Bah, I thought! But in the end, we had a very fun snow day. (And no tears here for missing school. My 7th grader got out of an Algebra test. Woo Hoo!) :-)

  2. I like snowy days...especially when Shane is around and can take Jacob out to play in it. We didn't have snow boots for Jake for our first snow so he wore his rain boots and it worked pretty good. But with your cold weather I don't know if that would be so great for Finn. Argh - I can't believe they woke you up to say that you didn't need to wake up! Frustrating!