Monday, December 22, 2008


So it snowed another 5 inches after my last post--that is according to the weather people. And at 2:30 last night, the power went out. It was out for only 12 hours, and we survived. The house only got to 67 degrees (normally, I keep it at 70) thanks to the great insulating job my husband did last winter. When we woke up, in the dark, Alvin lit the kerosene heater, made for the indoors, and we were a toasty 76 degrees when the power came on.

The sun was out and beautiful today. That causes problems when the melted snow freezes and causes icy roads and trees to break or uproot. I suspect the snow will still be here for Christmas...Finn is happy because he asked Santa for snow on Christmas.


  1. Oh I hope the trees don't freeze and knock down power lines!!! (Since Shane is a lineman I think about those things too.) I'm so glad that the power failure wasn't too bad to bear. Yeah for a white Christmas!

  2. Ours was out for a full 24 hours. The PSE guys were out three times fixing the lines and I kept thinking "OK, any minute now it'll go back on". Then they'd take off and the power didn't go back on! But we stayed warm from the fire place and we have a generator, so it wasn't too bad.

  3. Thank God there are folks who brave the weather to return our heat and light to us! Sorry this winter is so tough. I'll have to ring up mum today and see how they fared. Love you! -Sarah