Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Storm is a coming!

In case you are unaware, we had snow on Saturday night. We woke Sunday morning to a few inches and the kids were thrilled.

However, it has been cold and it is still here...with no signs of warming up (picture taken this afternoon.

And, there is a good possibility that we will add to the snow tonight. Today, school was 2 hours late, because of "transportation" issues and that means no kindergarten. If we don't have school for the rest of the week, I might loose it.

Snow is no big deal for me, I just won't go out in the car and as long as we have milk, we are set. However, there is always a possibility that the power will go out and I feel like I need to be prepared for it. One of the things I like to have caught up is laundry, so I have done 4 loads today (and I changed all the bed linens too).

So here is a list of things that I do when I think the power is going to go out...

Fill up the bathtub. We have a well and it runs on electricity. No power = no water. We can use bathtub water to flush the toilet, and wash if necessary

Do the dishes and keep up with them. Then I fill a large bowl with water and put a ladle in it, so I can rinse dishes with this.

Do as much laundry as I can do, with out leaving any of it wet. Folding the laundry might be considered entertainment in the dark. And I know the kids will have clean warm clothes.

Charge the batteries on the portable DVD Player.

Vaccuum, because I do. Actually, that means cleaning up the toys, so you don't step on them in the dark.

Gas up the car, because when it's cold, the car gets warm and we could watch a movie and be warm. Gas stations with out power don't sell gas.

Try to talk Alvin into hauling in firewood...usually he does this on his own.

Haul out candles and flashlights (and batteries)

Make Dinner.

Turn off the computers.

When the twins were 3 months old, our power went out for 3 days. We have a fireplace that fully stoked won't keep our house at 60 degrees. I gave in quickly and took the babies to my moms house. She has a wood stove in a room that can be closed off and that gives her the ability to heat water on it. Since I was feeding every 2 hours, I knew I couldn't do it at home. And there was the added bonus of having my mom there to help. Alvin chose to stay home with Finn and was up every 45 minutes feeding the fire and they were still cold. Not sure what I'd do now, that the boys are older, but I'd like to stay home as long as possible. Regardless, we'd all be sleeping in the same room, so you know we wouldn't sleep well.


  1. Poor Alvin, and Poor Erika, I can't imagine itchy eyes with little or no relief. I hope that you can get more of it vacuumed up as the next couple of days pass.

  2. Man...you know how to be prepared! I can't believe the power was out for 3 days when the twins were little...how awful! I hope your power doesn't go out again like that. I would definitely high-tail it to mom's if I were you.

  3. I definitely don't miss that about the NW. The longest I have been without power since living in the South has been maybe 24 hours. And, when it goes out a few hours every now and again? It's not a hardship. I feel for you, dear.

    Good luck with the glitter. I spilled it on the floor once while crafting and I still find it now and again. Ugh!

  4. Remember when we were in school and when it snowed they shut everything down? When I moved to Spokane, I was so disapointed when they didn't close school! My niece has 18 inches at their house today... Oh how I love Texas.