Saturday, December 27, 2008

Slept til 7:00

Paxton came into our room at 7 this morning. Lately it has been about 4, so I call this a success. He sort of kicked me out of my bed, so I went to sleep with Quincy, hoping that I could keep him asleep. That didn't work, because Finn woke up yelling, "Sol and Sabine are here." Actually they won't be here until later, but he was excited to show them all his christmas gifts and give them theirs. Since we have had mornings as early as 5, I am thrilled with this progess, but as luck would have it, the Doctors office returned my call this morning, to schedule an appointment to talk about Quincys bad sleeping. I made an appointment, knowing that I can cancel it should he decided right away that he will sleep better.

So as much as I hate having a giant plastic kitchen in the living room, I am thrilled to say that the boys love their gift. This morning, they cooperated and played together "making breakfast." They helped each other put on aprons, Finn told the little boys what to do, and they served Alvin and I coffee, bread chicken and hot dogs. Once they get independent play down, I will be moving it into their room.

Finn is equally happy with his legos. He also got a robot and a remote control car, but the car isn't working right and has to be returned and he is sad about that. He begged Santa for a transformer, and we found him a little one for $3: he was so excited because he got what he asked for, but he has barely played with it. Finn wants to spend hours building with his legos, and I think he will ask for more for his birthday.

I had a good Christmas. Do any of you get surprised by gifts? I had one surprise, a collander from Santa, but Finn had given me one the night before...guess someone else noticed that mine was broken. My parents brought me a beautiful tablecloth from their trip to Provence, that is treated with "something" to make it wipe clean.

My big gift (not a surprise) was an I-pod...guess santa heard me singing "all I want for Christmas is my own I-pod." Santa had it full of audiobooks, because that is what I wanted. Jen suggested I try listening to something while I folded laundry, and did all those other monotonous jobs I have around the house...and I listened to it for hours yesterday (now, I am so into a book, I want to fold laundry, take a walk, etc). With my sisters family coming, I may be listening to it a lot more (her kids come here because all the toys are here).

Well, I am off to do something monotonous. Feel free to recommend an author you think I might like.


  1. I have to say that for the last few years I have been surprised by some of the gifts I have gotten at Christmas. Last year I got a crockpot, but santa had asked what I might like and that was on the list so was the steamer I got also. This year santa was not so inquisitive so the George Foreman grill was an interesting gift to open and so was the Salt Lake City picture book with pictures of "then" and "now". Fun to look at, our small state capitol city really has changed.

  2. Santa obviously thinks you need to do more cooking, Chris. Glad you had family time on Christmas and didn't work all day!

  3. That's funny that you got 2 collanders! At least you won't need another one for awhile. Good Santa, getting you a loaded iPod! YEAH!