Monday, December 15, 2008

Sleep problem solved...sort of.

Alvin has taken to sleeping with Quincy, and it's keeping him in his own bed. Keeping Alvin out of his, and making me happy because there is no one to touch me, until Finn awakes from his dads snoring and comes to join me. That was a problem, but once he realized he needed to bring his own pillow, it didn't make me loose anymore sleep.

I spent 2 hours Saturday night folding laundry, making up for all the time I hadn't folded laundry, but now it's accumulating again while I work on other things. Today I made applesauce again, finally finishing with all the apples (100 pounds) that I bought about a month and a half ago. It was freezing outside, so I had to do something with the apples. Tonight I canned all of it, grouted some mosaic pots (charity project that was really a thorn in my side...because they take a long time and you can't do it with kids around) and re-ordered my Christmas cards...because I wasn't happy with the printing.

So, if I get on it, and the photos arrive before Friday, I will get our Christmas cards out before the holidays. I still have several gifts to make, and some of them have to be done at night, so the kids will be surprised.

Alvin and I went last night to "talk to Santa" which is code for shop. We got mostly everything we need, and the only gifts I am stumped on are for my 11 year old nephew (probably give him a book, but what books has he read) and my 27 year old single brother (home depot gift card). If you have suggestions for either of them, I would love it, becuase both my ideas seems thoughtless. Alvin also bought my gift, and I can say that I am going to be happy with it. Oh, and most of them are already wrapped.

Alvin is giving his clients home made bread and apple butter (part of those apples mentioned above) and he volunteered to help me make it.

What I am really saying is that the holiday stress is upon me, and I am so glad that I am getting more sleep. If you have any out of work fairies or elves at your house, send them to mine, I can keep them busy for a while.


  1. If only my fairy wings could help me cover the distance with greater ease. :-) I am glad to hear you are all well. I think that giving Jake some homemade bread and apple butter would be a great gift. And if you happen to drop in a gift card, I am sure he would enjoy that too. Does he have an IPOD? You could even get a gift card for that. Just a couple thoughts. Luv ya!

  2. You also could get a visa with redbox credits on it for your nephew and/or your brother. You are too good doing all of the apples! I had loads of peaches this summer so I know sort of how you feel. But I only had 1 little guy running around my heals while I did them, I can't imagine 3! That's great that you and Alvin got to go shopping together!