Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scrap Dolls

This year, my family has gone back to handmade gifts (opposed to drawing names) and my goal was to not spend any money and use things I already had. I did that with almost everything, including my Christmas cards, but I have had to buy some fabric. For this project, I had to buy muslin. These are for my neices. Not sure what they will do with them, but I think they are cute and Quincy is really attached to Emilys' and would only sleep with it or me tonight. I am going to have to make my boys some, but still trying to figure out how to make them more masculine. Oh, Finn picked out the green hair.


  1. These dolls are sooo very cute! I know Jacob would love them wouldn't matter if they were masculine. That's so sweet that he is attached to it already. You are awesome! I think it would be quite a challenge to come up with something that is handmade for everyone.

  2. They've turned up quite nice, Erika! I never doubted they would either, oh wonderous one who finished my skirt for me in high school! Love ya, Sarah

  3. You've been tagged!