Monday, December 1, 2008

Quiet time, at long last.

All are quiet, if not asleep and even Alvin is out of my hair. Sure, there is a ton of things that need my attention, but no one really cares if I vacuum out the crack in the sofa cushions, right?

Today, I begged my mom to come watch the boys and let me go to the store alone. I found myself talking to another twin mom, whose b/g twins are almost a year. She said she was surprised that it hasn't gotten any easier, but really seems harder. It took all I had not to tell her the truth...the terrible twos are worse than the sleep deprived first year. Oh, yeah, she has an au pair...what is she complaining about. It is taking all I have to stay sane right now.

We had a great thanksgiving: dinner was only 12 people, but my cousin and her family of 6 came up Friday. It was really nice to visit with her and kind of let the kids have wild time. However, since we were all at my moms, and she only has 2 rooms (when is this remodel going to be finished?), the volume was almost unbearable...7 boys aging from 5 to 1. I thought my dad was going to burst if he had to pick up the toys one more time. We (of course, not me) rode horses, went to the beach, did a few puzzles and talked too much.
The food was good, the company better and it ended all too quickly. I thought that with them all gone, I might sleep well last night, but my boys thought better of it. Finn was up at 3:30 because he couldn't sleep and bouncing around in our bed until 4:15. P and Q woke up at 6 and refused to go back to sleep. Of course, I have so many things I am working on, that I was asleep by midnight and I was a grouch today. I was able to squeeze in a nap at 10am, but as you can imagine, kids that have had their nap before noon aren't too pleasant to be around come dinner time.

My cousin told me all about the grocery game and I think I am now game to try it. Jen is going to try it with me. Any one else out there do it? Do you use that sight? Or have another. Please tell me your thoughts.

On another note, I bagged up all the stuffed animals in our house and have declared this an animal free area; with the exceptions of Paxton's loveys. I would watch the bin get emptied and never played with and then I had to clean them up again. Occasionally, Pax would find an animal he had to have and we were searching the house for 13 different animals at bedtime. It had to stop and it did. I am calling this one a great success. Any one have any ideas on what to do with them?


  1. I've been doing the Grocery Game for 2 years and I love it. I don't necessarily save much money, but I get WAY more groceries for the money that I spend. That's more important to me, since I'm trying to feed a family of 6 on a pretty meager budget. Good luck! Hope to see you at Movement Class on Wednesday.

  2. Call the Helpline House or the Police Station or the Fire Station to donate the stuffed animals. I know sometimes the policemen & firemen give stuffed animals to kids when they go out on a call to help the kiddos not be so scared. Just a thought.

  3. I second what Brooke said about the Grocery Game. I've added so much to my food storage without spending any more money. They didn't have a new list this week, apparently there are four "non-list weeks" a year, and I was so bummed! It's very addictive to see something like "Total spent: $100.00, total saved $120.00" That doesn't happen every week, but I usually try to save at least 50%. It does take a while to get into the whole coupon thing, so don't give up! Also, Albertsons has way more deals than Safeway. I usually end up going to both. Anyway, call me if you want to talk about it more.

    If you have the space (or desire)to store the stuffed animals away for a while, pack them up for about six months and then pull them out again. It always amazes me how excited the kids get about toys they haven't played with for a while. It's like getting new toys without spending any money!

  4. I was going to suggest taking the animals to the closest Childrens Hospital but the other ideas are good to so... you choose. :-) BTW, what's the grocery game?

  5. It has been a long time since I have seen a picture of your dad! I think the last time I saw them was when I crashed at your house when I brought the jet ski to my sister... hhmmm when was that..

    What is the grocery game??

  6. Niki, That was when Finn was 2, so less than 4 years ago. Seems like so much has happened since then.

    Grogery game is a website that tells you what coupons to use and when and how to get them for optimal savings. Go to

  7. We had a great time as well. It was nice to get out for some adult time. I hope you were serious about coming to stay, cause we would love the company. We have plenty of space for the kids to burn off some steam. I hope the Grocery Game works out for you. It has been a HUGE savings for our family. It's my financial contribution to the family, besides the obvious while I am at home with the kids. I am such a coupon freak now, that it makes me sick to think of all the money I have wasted over the years. Good luck with it and you can always call me if you need help figuring out the rules. Start stock piling those coupon sections!