Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

Our tree is up and as decorated as it is gonna be.
Sunday, Alvin was insistent that we get our Christmas tree. I wanted a small tree that we could put on a table, but Alvin wanted a tall tree; at least 6 feet tall. I conceeded because last year we had a small tree and 2 one year olds (this year we have 2 2 year olds, but you new that). Here's what we got:

Nope, I don't wear make up much anymore, but looks like I should have made some effort! And yes Kate, I know...dye job!

And here it is decorated.

Okay, I know what you are thinking..."Where are the decorations?" We had a hell of a time getting the lights on, because little hands were busy pulling them off as they went on. After a while, Quincy got bore, and tried potty training himself...this is what we saw when we truned around...
He's putting powder on himself. And it turned out to be very messy. That was Monday.
Tuesday, Finn pulled out the garland and the little hands wouldn't stop playing with it (and wrapping it around their necks) long enough to get it on the tree. I said, forget it, lets pull out the unbreakable ornaments and put those up. Finn and his brothers got 2 dozen ornaments on the tree plus a few that their grandma has given them. It looked like it was decorated by a 5 year old, but who cares because it didn't last long. With in 10 minutes all the ball ornaments were off the tree and being thrown. When Alvin got home, I told him that I was done with tree decorating and I was not going to put up anything fragile. He insisted that the tree should have a few nice ornaments, just up at the top. I don't think it took longer than 10 minutes of being home to change his mind. You see, when you throw an unbreakable ornament or one of my little people Christmas toys at something fragile, it might break (or a pillow...see picture above).
And now, I am not even sure that the tree skirt will stay around the tree if I put it there...the boys thought it was a blanket and played under it for 20 minutes this morning.
One last thing...maybe my "unbreakable" ornaments were just shatterproof, because I have had to throw away 2 and see more with dents in them. Well, it's a good thing we have lights around the house, because that is about the one thing the kids won't be able to mess up this year. Maybe I'll tell you later about the messed up Santa Pictures.


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  2. Erica your kids are too darn cute! It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Funny story...I found out my husband used to change his own diaper...apparently there are pictures somewhere. I'd love to get my hands on those...maybe you'll luck out ;)

  3. Oh - I was laughing all the way though this one! I like the tree! It just shows what stage you are in in your life. That picture of Quincy is crack-up funny! You poor dear.