Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

I'm ashamed to say, that this week has been unproductive. With cousins in town, the boys have been well entertained, but that's about it. We've seen legos daily, and they are a new favorite for Finn (I think he has forgotten about the little transformer) . We've also heard a lot of stories that Alvin and I aren't reading. I found some stories that I downloaded to my Ipod for the kids, for when there aren't cousins here and I need a break.
Sol turned 11 yesterdayand we all went out for dinner. It was probably the best time out with we've had sonce the twins were in car seats. Bubba brought hats and noise makers...with out the noise part, and all the kids did pretty well.
There has not been a lot of this...
but I took the picture because it was so cute. Finn gave his brother flashlights for Christmas, and they insist on going to bed with them (even for naps). I've been getting a cold and want more sleep, however the boys are waking up earlier and heading to our bed, so I am getting less of it. Last night I did the 3 bed tango (we only have 3 bedrooms) after Quincy came to our bed at 12:10.
Cousin Sol has been a great help, especially today. He came over just to help me and hang out here while his parents were gone and Mimi took Finn and Sabine shopping. I was able to shower and clean both boys rooms with out interruption. He is still here, so I think I might tackle the living room vacuuming.

I started cleaning the kitchen and found a little helper...
He kept saying, " I working." so I let him unload the entire dishwasher onto the counter...the silverware got dumped into the drawer.
Tonight is going to be different from every other night because Finn is going out with family to a kids museum. I think I might actually try to get in bed early and see if I can fight this cold.
Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Happy New Year, Big hugs, lots of love to you all! Your card was lovely - you'll be getting one from us shortly. I put in a family pic - I need to resend to Jen so she can see us in our "glory" too. I didn't have the pics when I send Jens' off.

  2. I'm really feeling bad for you about the no sleeping thing. I know that makes it really hard to cope with the rest of life. We put a door knob on backwards when Jake was in a toddler bed (for about the first 6 months). We just locked his door when it was time for him to go to bed.He banged on the door for awhile but he'd finally fall asleep. That may sound mean, but he got the message for about a year. He has recently started getting out of bed again and it is not fun. Maybe I need to change the door knob again. Good luck!