Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

What a great Christmas we have had, already. Our family tradition is to open family gifts on Christmas Eve, after hearing the Nativity story. We did this short my brothers family, who couldn't make it due to weather and illness...we missed them. We made a conscious effort to scale back and I am pleased to say that all of Paxton and Quincys gifts were either handmade, garage sale finds or deeply discounted at Lands End. Finn had a list of things we couldn't get around with out buying, but he was pleased with his legos, and vest and apron (all boys got vests and aprons).

The adults stayed up until midnight playing a card game...even my dad stayed and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

Paxton came into my bed at 3:30, but only after I listened to him play with his dog flashlight for a few minutes through the baby monitor. Finn came in at 4:30, convinced that he had interrupted Santa. We did a little stocking peeking and he was able to go back to sleep. Pax was up at 6:30, Quincy at 7:00 when I called the family to come over and we could open our stockings together.
Finn got more legos, a robot and some small toys. He also got a can of Spam, which he had for the first time over Thanksgiving and has begged for since. P& Q (I am making an effort not to call them the twins) got a kitchen to go with the food, dishes and aprons they got last night. It was a second hand find and they were so happy with it. Quincy has even played alone today...a first.
As for the rest of the day, I see sleep, eating and not much else. Just going to enjoy our family time.
Merry Christmas to you all. We wish you peace today.


  1. Merry Christmas to you! Jake would LOVE that kitchen! I'm glad that you had a fun Christmas!

  2. WHAT!! Bishop Boundy with a full mustache and beard?? Has he gone apostate since being released? LOL J/K. I am glad you all had a great Christmas. I was awaken at 5 AM to head in and give a sick patient a dialysis treatment, luckily for me I still made it to mom and dads house in time to see my sisters and their families. It was a nice day, and I am thankful. OH and we got TONS of new snow that day, gotta love a White Christmas. Love and hugs to all. C