Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Snowing, Again!

It started snowing at about 3:30. At 4:00 I took this picture. At 9:00 I took this picture...about 5 inches of snow and still falling. It's now 10:45 and the kids are nestled in their beds, and I am about to go tuck each one under their down comforters and will understand when they come into our bed tonight (if the power is out). The weather people are predicting winds should start shortly, followed by freezing rain.

I still don't care. I still feel good about my preparations and if we get too cold, we can go next door. I have decided to share one of the things I love about snow...I love the way Christmas lights shine under the snow. We have blue LED lights wrapped around our deck railing and the snow is 6-7 inches over them in some places. There is this glow around each bulb that can't be photographed, but it is a neat sight.

I see our wreath twisting in the wind, so it must be time to shut down. Stay warm.


  1. I love the watch on the window so we can see what time it is. :) I love the Christmas lights under the snow looks so beautiful. Stay safe! We love you guys!

  2. It's beautiful - but I bet freezing! Stay sane and warm!! We had freezing rain last night - all the cars were covered in a sheet of ice - so we were a bit late to Mass this morning. Ugh!

  3. Do you drive a mini van? It looks like a Honda Odyssey under all that snow! That's what I drive! Gotta love the family wagon!

  4. Tina, yep its an oddessy...a real twin car, (twin parents usually drive those or Eurovans...don't know why). Strangely enough, we bought ours before I got pregnant..was that why I have twins?