Friday, December 5, 2008

The internet is amazing!

So, a few years back, I started getting my christmas cards returned. A few were people I was sad to loose touch with and I recall spending a few hours on the computer googling my old college roommates with no success. I ended up opening old address books and calling my friends parents old numbers. I got ahold of Lex's mom who passed on her address, but that was the end of that. It felt a little stalker-esque, but I figured if there people really didn't want to hear from me, they could just write return to sender. What I really thought happened, was what actually happened...we all move and loose touch.

Earlier on this year, I set up a facebook page so I could see another friends pictures and both Lex and Patti found me on there (I hadn't even thought to look there). And yesterday, I did a blog search for Jeanette and found a long round about way (and she has a blog). I also found a blog for Kelly, whom I haven't lost, but it's nice to see more about them than the photo at Christmas.

So, I ask myself, why am I willing to stalk these old friends, even though the internet makes it so easy. The answer is simple...they are old friends. Please tell me your mother taught you the girl scout song too...Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold.

Some of my dearest friends I have known for more than 2 decades (and one for more than 3 decades). And if I hadn't played musical beds last night, I might have even scanned some old pictures.


  1. That is so exciting that you found old friends! I recently found gals that I grew up with that I haven't talked to in more than 18 years...and old YW leaders too! I found them on facebook through a friend of a friend and so on. It is amazing what we can do with the internet, huh!

  2. I'm so bad at keeping in touch with people, that I know exactly what you mean about the internet. These blogs are so much fun and make keeping in touch so easy! I joined facebook for the same reason, to find some old highschool friends that I haven't talked to since we graduated. It's even a great way to keep in touch with friends that live close, like you!

  3. Love the new look.
    How did you get the buttons on the side?

  4. Also love the new look. Very elegant!

  5. I love the internet... I have found many people this way. Ones I haven't talked to in years and it is so great. And it makes it so easy to keep up with you and the others that are so far away.. I love it.