Monday, November 17, 2008


If you are a blogger you now have a mission. As soon as you read this, drop everything, grab your camera and take pictures of where you blog from. NO CLEANING!!! THEN, tag some lucky ducks and spread the love.
I'm going to call it creative tagging...I followed the rules and didn't clean, but I did omit some of the messy parts of the room in my picture. Thanks to the music on Nikis blog, the kids were playing air guitar and dancing. And wearing their new shirts--that I made for our christmas card pictures: can you tell who they are?
I'm going to tag Kim, Niki, Jen, Sarah and Chris . And IF I were smart enough to figure out how to make their names link to their blogs, I would. So just go to the right and click on one of the top 6, if you want to see who they are.


  1. I took a picture but it's bedtime so I'll post and tag other bloggers in the morning. :-) Oh, maybe not in the AM, tomorrow is the youngest's birthday. My baby is 11!!! :) Love and hugs,

  2. It's not too hard to make the names link to the blog. What I do is type in the name, then highlight it and click on the little button that looks like a chain link (next to the button with the T where you can change text color) and copy and paste the URL where it says http://

    Good luck!

  3. Ok, I got the tag, but right now I am at work and my camera is at home. so in the morning, I will take a picture of where I usually blog and post and tag others.

    Thanks Erika.

  4. ARGH! WHHHYYYYY did I read this?? This is the only place in the house (okay...the laundry room too) that I let get messy because it's my space!