Monday, November 3, 2008

Starting to loose my sanity

2 weeks ago I lost my dream sleepers. 2 weeks ago I would put the twins to bed in their room, cover Quincy with his blanket and give him milk, give Paxton a handful of bubbies, 5-8 stuffed animals, turn out the lights and they would go to sleep. 2 weeks ago Quincy decided to climb out of bed and scream at the door for Mommy. He then insisted on sleeping in Finn's room (in the playpen where Paxton usually naps). The he wouldn't sleep there, but wanted to be held. We offered him his mattress on the floor of his room, because he kept waking Finn early and Finn was grumpy. In the middle of all this, Paxton decided that he wouldn't sleep with out the light on. Last night, Quincy did his "normal" musical bed routine, and I turned on and off lights (I think we all sleep better in the DARK), waking several times in the night and still woke up to grumpy kids, up too early.

I've had enough. And quite frankly, I am grumpy. I've decided we are going back to where we were 2 weeks ago, sleeping in our own beds, in the dark and maybe even sleeping in. No more TV after dinner (I'm thinking maybe they saw something scary --halloweenish on tv that started this all). I've taken away the extras they have decided to take bed --It's ridiculous that Paxton has to take 12 things to bed with him and have a special blanket. I've unscrewed the light bulbs, so they can't get out of bed and turn on the light. Tonight at bedtime, don't call here, because I guarantee there will be mass screaming, because if they are going to be grumpy I might as well take away all but one bubby - the one Paxton doesn't like. If you don't think this is too cruel, please cross your fingers for me.

afterthought: Quincy took a 3 hour nap today in the dark. He needed it, so lets hope it helps tonight.

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  1. I feel for you! That is hilarious that you unscrewed the light bulbs. Practical, but hilarious! Jacob went to church the other day and told the Primary President that his mommy was grumpy. Nice, huh. Then I had to admit to her that I WAS grumpy.