Friday, November 7, 2008

Shaken and P'd off

If I could start my own "angry" moms group, it would be MAST, Moms against speeding truckers.

Today while picking up Finn from the bus, we, Alvin and I were faced with horror. Finn was crossing in front of the bus, when a speeding dump truck skidded towards the back of the bus. The truck was able to stop before colliding with the bus, but only because it was perpendicular to the road and bus and able to skid into the other lane. I screamed for Finn to stop while Alvin ran across the street, grabbed him by the arm and threw both of them into the ditch. Alvin just happened to be coming home for lunch as I was walking out the door, so we walked down together.

While there was no accident, and truthfully the truck didn't come super close to us (maybe 15 - 20 feet), it wouldn't have taken much more for the worst to happen. Had the truck been full, I don't think it wouldn't have been able to stop. It's been raining here for 2 days, the roads are slick and driving conditions are not the best.

Granted we live on a curve in the road, but the bus people determined that the visibility there is good enough for the bus stop to be where it is, with cars going the speed limit. However, the speed limit is rarely enforced there and cars are alwasy speeding there. I did call the police today and ask them to put a car close by so hopefully people will slow down. If you live around here, please be careful and slow down.

Tonight I am going to be hugging my little Finn extra tight (he is little for his age and he looked especially little compared to the dump truck) and hope that he is as scared as I was and he will use extra caution on the road. Please hug your loved ones extra tight tonight too.


  1. Oh Erika! That makes me tear up! I'm so glad that Finn is okay and that all is well. Speeding drivers make me mad too. Especially on roads that people live on. Anyone driving such a big vehicle should be required to drive well under the speed limit.

  2. Oh Erika!!! Give Finny a hug for us too!!! Thank the Lord He was watching out for you all today!!! I totally agree with you about speeding truckers!! There is an intersection near our house that the trucks come down this really steep hill full from picking up rocks at the quarry and blow through the stop sign all the time!!! It angers me so much I cannot even begin to tell you, even when it is a car that blows the stop sign. Unfortunately we live too far out of town for them to park a cruiser there for any length of time. Besides there is a no spot for them to hid to catch anyone anyway! So, Thank God Finn is safe!!! Love you guys!

  3. Thankfully, everyone is okay and I'm glad you phoned the police to patrol the area. That is too scary for words! I am pissed and I'm 3000 miles away! Hugs to you and yours, Sarah

  4. Holy Crap!!! I am on that band wagon with you, but I'm not a mother, so you have to revise that one... That is just nuts. Having moved here to Houston, I have seen and been almost killed a few times by stupid people driving. IT is just amazing. And YES, they are everywhere... Glad all is ok.