Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love my husband

Sometimes, I may seem down on Alvin, but I really do love him. Especially after yestrerday. I went to that Handmade Bazaar, which was really a waste of my time and I am trying not to dwell on it, and left Alvin home with the kids all day and with a car with a dead battery. Alvin had to come pick me up and when we arrived home, I was treated to an almost spotless kitchen, even that counter that gets piled hight with stuff, a mountain of laundry folded and laundry in the wash.

Then we went to a movie...TWILIGHT! It was good, but this isn't about that. Alvin listened to the book on his I-pod so we could go to the movie together. But when I commented on disliking the new bags of popcorn (I like the buckets) he rolled the top of the bag down so I wouldn't "scratch" my arm.

Yep, I love him.


  1. Hey! I learned about you by Sarah..JOT...I also see you went to see this movie called Twilight.
    My daughters have been reading the books...guess it is the same thing and went to see the movie last night. They are 21 and almost 19 little Catholic gals..anyway ...are these okay books and son, who is almost 15 (Feb.) decided to pick one up and read it...should I be okay with that. I am one SLOW reader and would take advice from someone who has some knowledge of this already...besides from what my girls think..could you fill me in a bit? Thanks! Suzanne (You can either go to my blog on any comment box and I'll get it or I can check back here later.)

  2. Well, I'm impressed! My hubby has been known to watch the kids all day, and maybe even clean the kitchen. But he's NEVER gone so far as to read (or listen to) a book that I was interested in. So Kudos to Alvin for that!

  3. What a sweet guy you have there. A keeper!

  4. Thanks for your comment...I wrote a couple back to you. Suz

  5. What a sweet husband! My Craft Boutique didn't go so well either. I've decided that I just like to make things for friends...not to sell.