Thursday, November 13, 2008

All is Well

Been extremely busy lately: sewing, keeping up with the kids, baking, cleaning, etc.

I am trying to get these quilts made for this craft bizaar and not making a ton of progress. We have friends in town from Utah and would love to get to spend more time with them, so sewing time gets pushed further down the list. And then, of course, I see we are out of bread and have to make more...yada yada yada.

Great news here is that Alvin has patched the hole in the wall between the boys bedrooms. Paxton spend numerous hours playing alone in one of the rooms, tossing toys down the hole and into the other room, then going to the other room and sending things back where they came from. It's only been eleven months, and now there can be noise in one room with out waking a sleeping kid in the other.

More good news, Quincy is sleeping again. Not in his crib, but he seems to be happy sleeping in the bottom bunk in Finns room. Alvin is going to make 2 beds (don't hold your breath) for what is now Paxtons room, in hopes that Quincy will go back there. He still screams when we put him back in the crib, because he gets out of the big boy bed, but at least now we know why. This morning he was up at 5am, but came in our room and got in bed with us, with out waking the other boys.

We have been doing swim lessons with the twins 2 nights a week. They love the water, but not the lessons. Paxton takes to the water like a fish and loves to be dunked; comes up and says, "more please". Quincy shreiks like a hyena when we do the same to him and starts slapping the water off his face. Finn watches not so patiently, wishes he could get in the pool with his brothers, and thinks that he can teach them to swim.

I attempted to donate blood today and once again, had low iron. I tried a few weeks ago too. I guess maybe this is the reason why I am so tired. Think I will get some prenatal vitamins in hopes that the iron helps. More from us when something happens, or when I finish all that I have to do.

Oh, taked to the bus driver Monday and he told me the truck driver that almost hit Finn had been talked to and was in danger of lossing his job but was very contrite and spared this time. Driver also said it was a first for him to look into his rear view mirror and see a truck barreling at him sideways.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are hanging in there. Thanks for the update on the truck and bus drivers - what craziness! That's hilarious that he was putting the toys in the hole in the wall. Thank goodness Alvin has been around long enough to fix that finally! What a pain! The whole sleeping situation stinks! At least he is sleeping longer now though. Good luck with all of that! Miss you!!!