Sunday, October 26, 2008


It's only Sunday morning and I can alread say, we have had a good weekend! And it has been a long time since I have thought that.

Thursday, My brother sent me a craigs list posting for a free swingset and only a few miles from our house. I went and checked it out and decided we would take boys would love it. Ok, not in the best shape or what I would buy if I wanted to spend the money, but it still has a lot of life left in it. I told the "owners" we would take it and would get it over the weekend.

Friday, I had a doctors appointment and it was a nice break away from the kids to go get "felt up" and do some shopping. I arrived home in just enough time to put a few things away when friends Jen and family came over for our "Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. {Should be said that since Alvin and I have been married, we hosted a gathering for beer and pumpkin carving, but the past 2 years we didn't get around to doing the actual carving...and this year, we didn't take pictures.} Once it was decided that we wouldn't carve pumpking, I roped everyone into going to fetch above mentioned swingset. Went with out a hitch, then we came home, ate terrific dinner of garlic burgers and played games for the remainder of the evening.

Yesterday, we put up the swingset and the boys LOVED it. Paxton's eyes got really big when he saw it and he took off running, but slowed as he approached if he couldn't believe it was for him to play with. It provided entertainment for an hour, and it was chilly out.

Later we carved pumpkins, but only finished 2...I will post photos when we finish today.

Then we went to a halloween party. I have so much fun when I go out...I need to do it more. Friends of ours hosted a flashlight scavenger hunt...with prizes all tagged with reflective tape in a big field. Finn understood the concept of only taking one of each prize, but the twins wanted to pick up each prize they saw. I hunted with Paxton and everytime he picked up things, I would toss them behind me, probably labeling myself as the crazy woman who was tossing things (but I wanted them to be there for the other kids). I took bacon wrapped dates (a family favorite) and wasn't sure how they would be received, but I went home with an empty plate. Others brought halloween themed treats and I am going to have to find a use for the ideas I store. Anyway, we had a great time...thanks K & D.


  1. You're truly blessed to live among such lovely friends. Wish I could be there!!

  2. Aaahhh...I miss carving pumpkins with you guys! We always had so much fun. We miss you a ton and a half (at least)!

  3. I have to admit that when you started talking about your pumkin carving parties, I got a little jealous. I miss those days, and they will always be some of my most fond memories. Thank you Alvin and Erika for being such great hosts and generous friends.