Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random pictures from October

Paxton escaped out of the house and got his boots on himself (notice they are 2 different boots) It was cold and rainy, but I don't think boys care.

Birthday breakfast at our house is what ever you choose. This was Alvin's choice. Yes, that is homemade bread.

Potty training 2 boys with one bathroom...this is going to be fun!

Might be our christmas card pic. We were coming home from my parents and they were all happy to be riding, not walking.


  1. You boys are so cute.... Your posts are great and keep me so up to date. I am a slacker and have a hard time keeping up with mine... I don't have kids and I keep thinking it is 5:00 somewhere, so don't feel bad. AND, I love TV!!!

  2. I wanted you to know that you are a finalist in our Sleeping Angel Photo Contest. Congrats. :-)

  3. Way to go, E!!! Your kids are tops!!

  4. Erika your boys are getting so big! Love the tractor picture!!!