Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's gonna take a miracle...

for me to get through the next few years with out trips to the ER! Its almost embarrassing to take the boys out in public with out someone commenting on bumps, bruises or scrapes, because there are so many of them. Just when one starts to fade, another is on it's way. I have already had black eyes, more than 5 bloody noses, teeth coming through their gums & chipped teeth.

Today Paxton decided to climb up on the changing table. Since we are tight on space, we "installed" cabinets as an entertainment center and put the changing pad on it & it is kitchen counter height. Paxton got what he was looking for and jumped down. Finn asked him if it was fun, and he proceeded to do it again and again. I was making dinner and watching the spectacle from behind the safety of the baby gate.

And he fell!

Face first.

There was blood.
I rushed to him and thought it was just another bloody nose, but on top of that, he actually ripped the skin between the nostrils, as though he pushed the tip of his nose forward and his face backwards. And he has rug burns on his face. He will be fine, but I am not sure my nerves can handle many more accidents like this.

Dinner was a great success tonight. My kids love mac and cheese, and we call the homemade baked kind "Karen Keller" because she brought us some after I had the twins. And Finn gobbles up Karen Keller any time we have it. But I made butternut squash macaroni and cheese. Alvin and I thought it was delicious and everyone else ate it like normal. Its even better comfort food than Karen Keller. I googled the recipe.
I have a great friend Chris, who would be a voting machine (on my behalf). he is asking everyone at a computer in the hospital to vote for me, but the web sight won't accept any more votes. I had just finished telling him that it was now going to be in the hands of strangers and I see a post from a stranger...telling me that she had voted and that my picture was the cutest. She's also a twin mom and us twin moms are the only ones that know what the others are going through. It's like a sisterhood I never knew I would find.


  1. oooooh Yummy! Post the recipe sometime!

    Regarding bumps, bruises, cuts, etc...I was talking to someone about this the other day (my mommy brain can't remember exactly who...) and she said when she took her son to the dr. for his last check up she felt like she had to appologize for all the scrapes, bruises, etc. he had. The Dr. just smiled and said she would be more worried if he DIDN'T have them. So don't feel bad. It's normal!

  2. This made me totally laugh, because I used to hate that mac and cheese my mom made when I was little and now I love it . . . but the squash one sounds REALLY good, too!