Friday, October 3, 2008

I Love TV

Oh, I know, it's a horrible thing, but if you had 3 kids at home,under age 6, you'd love it too. I was just about to title this post "It's 5:00 somewhere" when I decided to distract them with the television. I don't know too many supoirt groups for kids whose parents let them watch tv. It's important for me to note that our schedule has been off since Wednesday, because there has been no school. You know it's bad when it isn't 5:00 in our country and you are thinking of a drink.

Went to see Momma Mia - the sing a long version, the other night with Jen. It was the most fun I have had at a movie in a long time (although the movie itself wasn't all that great). I think I will buy it on dvd if it comes with the karoke lyrics on it. Then I will encourage Alvin to finally hook up the speakers to our stereo/surround sound. Alvin was a little upset that he didn't get to go, because he loves him some ABBA: however, I scheduled this night out with Jen when I wasn't even sure he would be home yet.

Alvins birthday is Sunday. Don't tell him but I bought him the biggest size ice cream cake DQ sells (kind of a tradition, but he always acts surprised). Since I have to pick it up tomorrow, and he will be with me, we will celebrate tomorrow night. Actually, we are going shopping for his gift in the's probably going to be a computer monitor, because we need nothing else. But then I told him he could sleep in Sunday until noon (should I point out that I didn't get to do that on my birthday) and then we are going swimming. it will be nice to have him around all weekend.


  1. I remember thinking that moms who let their kids watch tv and went in the other room to do stuff were rediculous! And then I became a mom and realized what a rediculous thought that was! I had NO idea!

    Happy Birthday Alvin. You are good to make a special day for him...even though he DID forget your birthday.

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  3. I'm pretty sure you loved tv WAY before the kids. I've known you for a long time....remember. : )

  4. I have to second Shannon's motion. And I have know you longer than she. Luv ya!! Christian