Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hooray! Vote for #13

I wouldn't say I am particularly lucky when it comes to contests, but I have been chosen as a finalist in the 5 minutes for mom sleeping angel contest! The winner, as you probably know, wins a bedroom set and we could really use it (especially, since we are almost done with cribs) but the winner is chosen by votes.

Please go to and vote for #13. I need your votes and pass this on to everyone you know, I mean everyone! Bloggers, please post my desperate need for votes on your blogs. Thanks.


  1. I voted for you! I love all your sleeping kids pictures, aren't they the best when they're asleep? And that's how I found your blog, too...Love it!

  2. I just came across your blog and thought I'd say hello. I too have twin boys. They are baby #4 and #5 for me. I think it is funny how I feel some connection to people who have twins. Maybe it is because we really understand each other. My twins just turned 1 on September 28th. I think everyday is just amazing and I LOVE having them. I LOVE watching them interact with each other and their differences. Twins are definitely Amazing!

    P.S. I voted for you.