Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I was thinking about posting some pictures from tonight, of the boys in their costumes, but then I changed my mind. I wanted to share this instead...My very favorite halloween picture. In fact, I am just waiting for the right contest to submit it to. The socks are something I wear every halloween, the hat I bought for Alvin to wear while handing out candy in our old neighborhood (tons of trick or treaters), the shirt was on sale the year before and the pacifier was something Finn picked out at Target and he wore it out. Halloween 2005


  1. He's adorable! I can see why it's a fav!

  2. How cute is Finn! Halloween time at the Malloy's was always a fun time and that pic is a good snapshot of why!

  3. I love this picture! You should check on Family Fun and Wondertime for photo contests.