Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am going to think that I've got good karma this week. Saturday, on my way out the door, I got a phone call from a woman that I used to nanny for. I had sent her an e-mail asking for her to vote for the sleeping angels contest (which there is no way I am going to win, despite having the cutest photo). N said that she had voted, but that she had a set of bunk beds that she wanted to give us for the twins, since we weren't going to win. She and her husband came the next morning with a beautiful set of maple bunk beds and 2 mattresses in brand spanking new condition. The twins aren't ready yet, so we put them up in Finn's room and moved Finn's bed to grandmas guest garage.

But Monday, Finn decided that he was going to "decorate" and here is what I found (when I found Quincy had climbed out of the playpen to the top bunk at naptime, and was asleep there). Written using a sharpie.

The good karma there is that it all came off with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

More good Karma for the week...a bag of clothes from K that had 2 of everything in it (since I like to dress the boys alike, this is fantastic) and I haven't had to do wash for a few extra days because of it. And a trip to C's house where my kids acted like terrors and she didn't seem to mind (I wonder if she has found all the sticky door knobs yet). See for yourself...She's still smiling.

And once again, the twins escaped the house this morning...they pulled a chair to the front door and opened the deadbolt. I blame Alvin because I was getting Finn ready for school. But this time, they stayed away from the road and went to the swing set.

Just in case my luck doesn't hold, I am going to call the local clinic and find out if they set bones and do stitches, saving me a trip to the know that day is going to come soon, because I caught Finn jumping from the top bunk this afternoon.


  1. Thank God for generous friends!! Oh, and for Mr. Clean Sponges! They have saved my walls a few times!!

  2. Another good thing, Finn is learning his letters really well! Ben drew a picture of him, me and Brad on my bed sheet (which was on the bed) the other day in permanent marker. Love those boys!

    I'm glad you got bunkbeds, even though you should have won the contest!

  3. What a good friend to bring you the bunkbeds!!! That is so great! I LOVE Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It has saved me many times. Good luck with the deadbolt thing! My sister got one of those metal flaps that you fold over the door and it locks into itself and put it at the very top of the door. I don't know if that would work for you but you might try it out. Good luck!