Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I was thinking about posting some pictures from tonight, of the boys in their costumes, but then I changed my mind. I wanted to share this instead...My very favorite halloween picture. In fact, I am just waiting for the right contest to submit it to. The socks are something I wear every halloween, the hat I bought for Alvin to wear while handing out candy in our old neighborhood (tons of trick or treaters), the shirt was on sale the year before and the pacifier was something Finn picked out at Target and he wore it out. Halloween 2005

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am going to think that I've got good karma this week. Saturday, on my way out the door, I got a phone call from a woman that I used to nanny for. I had sent her an e-mail asking for her to vote for the sleeping angels contest (which there is no way I am going to win, despite having the cutest photo). N said that she had voted, but that she had a set of bunk beds that she wanted to give us for the twins, since we weren't going to win. She and her husband came the next morning with a beautiful set of maple bunk beds and 2 mattresses in brand spanking new condition. The twins aren't ready yet, so we put them up in Finn's room and moved Finn's bed to grandmas guest garage.

But Monday, Finn decided that he was going to "decorate" and here is what I found (when I found Quincy had climbed out of the playpen to the top bunk at naptime, and was asleep there). Written using a sharpie.

The good karma there is that it all came off with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

More good Karma for the week...a bag of clothes from K that had 2 of everything in it (since I like to dress the boys alike, this is fantastic) and I haven't had to do wash for a few extra days because of it. And a trip to C's house where my kids acted like terrors and she didn't seem to mind (I wonder if she has found all the sticky door knobs yet). See for yourself...She's still smiling.

And once again, the twins escaped the house this morning...they pulled a chair to the front door and opened the deadbolt. I blame Alvin because I was getting Finn ready for school. But this time, they stayed away from the road and went to the swing set.

Just in case my luck doesn't hold, I am going to call the local clinic and find out if they set bones and do stitches, saving me a trip to the know that day is going to come soon, because I caught Finn jumping from the top bunk this afternoon.

Monday, October 27, 2008


As promised, here are our pumpkins this year. Alvin helped Finn with his 2 pumpkins and I carved the twins. They aren't as ornate as we have done in past years, but this is another thing that goot harder to do with more kids.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


It's only Sunday morning and I can alread say, we have had a good weekend! And it has been a long time since I have thought that.

Thursday, My brother sent me a craigs list posting for a free swingset and only a few miles from our house. I went and checked it out and decided we would take boys would love it. Ok, not in the best shape or what I would buy if I wanted to spend the money, but it still has a lot of life left in it. I told the "owners" we would take it and would get it over the weekend.

Friday, I had a doctors appointment and it was a nice break away from the kids to go get "felt up" and do some shopping. I arrived home in just enough time to put a few things away when friends Jen and family came over for our "Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. {Should be said that since Alvin and I have been married, we hosted a gathering for beer and pumpkin carving, but the past 2 years we didn't get around to doing the actual carving...and this year, we didn't take pictures.} Once it was decided that we wouldn't carve pumpking, I roped everyone into going to fetch above mentioned swingset. Went with out a hitch, then we came home, ate terrific dinner of garlic burgers and played games for the remainder of the evening.

Yesterday, we put up the swingset and the boys LOVED it. Paxton's eyes got really big when he saw it and he took off running, but slowed as he approached if he couldn't believe it was for him to play with. It provided entertainment for an hour, and it was chilly out.

Later we carved pumpkins, but only finished 2...I will post photos when we finish today.

Then we went to a halloween party. I have so much fun when I go out...I need to do it more. Friends of ours hosted a flashlight scavenger hunt...with prizes all tagged with reflective tape in a big field. Finn understood the concept of only taking one of each prize, but the twins wanted to pick up each prize they saw. I hunted with Paxton and everytime he picked up things, I would toss them behind me, probably labeling myself as the crazy woman who was tossing things (but I wanted them to be there for the other kids). I took bacon wrapped dates (a family favorite) and wasn't sure how they would be received, but I went home with an empty plate. Others brought halloween themed treats and I am going to have to find a use for the ideas I store. Anyway, we had a great time...thanks K & D.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still waiting on that Miracle

Today the boys were up at 6:30. Why? At what age do they understand that sleeping in is really fun? Finn used to sleep in, but once he hears his brothers up, he gets up too. The real problem is me. I admit it. I sleep better if I go to bed late. I was asleeep last night after 11:30 and Alvin made it clear that he wasn't going to get up, so I did. Alvin finally came out about 7:45 and I headed back to bed.

At 8:25, Alvin is hollering for me to come because he needs me. Quincy put his hand on the hot burner, lifted it up and put the other hand on the same burner. Mild burns, but he has been fussy all day. And he only wants his mommy.

All I can say is that I am glad it happened on Alvin's watch. And maybe he will learn not to play around the stove.

Paxton's nose is healing, but it is going to be hard to keep himfrom picking at it. Finn had to have his picture taken too!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's gonna take a miracle...

for me to get through the next few years with out trips to the ER! Its almost embarrassing to take the boys out in public with out someone commenting on bumps, bruises or scrapes, because there are so many of them. Just when one starts to fade, another is on it's way. I have already had black eyes, more than 5 bloody noses, teeth coming through their gums & chipped teeth.

Today Paxton decided to climb up on the changing table. Since we are tight on space, we "installed" cabinets as an entertainment center and put the changing pad on it & it is kitchen counter height. Paxton got what he was looking for and jumped down. Finn asked him if it was fun, and he proceeded to do it again and again. I was making dinner and watching the spectacle from behind the safety of the baby gate.

And he fell!

Face first.

There was blood.
I rushed to him and thought it was just another bloody nose, but on top of that, he actually ripped the skin between the nostrils, as though he pushed the tip of his nose forward and his face backwards. And he has rug burns on his face. He will be fine, but I am not sure my nerves can handle many more accidents like this.

Dinner was a great success tonight. My kids love mac and cheese, and we call the homemade baked kind "Karen Keller" because she brought us some after I had the twins. And Finn gobbles up Karen Keller any time we have it. But I made butternut squash macaroni and cheese. Alvin and I thought it was delicious and everyone else ate it like normal. Its even better comfort food than Karen Keller. I googled the recipe.
I have a great friend Chris, who would be a voting machine (on my behalf). he is asking everyone at a computer in the hospital to vote for me, but the web sight won't accept any more votes. I had just finished telling him that it was now going to be in the hands of strangers and I see a post from a stranger...telling me that she had voted and that my picture was the cutest. She's also a twin mom and us twin moms are the only ones that know what the others are going through. It's like a sisterhood I never knew I would find.

Better address for voting

Above is an easier way to vote, if you haven't already. It goes directly to the article, instead of having to search for it.

And please tell your friends and family that I need votes. I am amazed already at how many friends I have! And how many will do so much for me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hooray! Vote for #13

I wouldn't say I am particularly lucky when it comes to contests, but I have been chosen as a finalist in the 5 minutes for mom sleeping angel contest! The winner, as you probably know, wins a bedroom set and we could really use it (especially, since we are almost done with cribs) but the winner is chosen by votes.

Please go to and vote for #13. I need your votes and pass this on to everyone you know, I mean everyone! Bloggers, please post my desperate need for votes on your blogs. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random pictures from October

Paxton escaped out of the house and got his boots on himself (notice they are 2 different boots) It was cold and rainy, but I don't think boys care.

Birthday breakfast at our house is what ever you choose. This was Alvin's choice. Yes, that is homemade bread.

Potty training 2 boys with one bathroom...this is going to be fun!

Might be our christmas card pic. We were coming home from my parents and they were all happy to be riding, not walking.

Tag yourself Tuesday

I just turned around for a few minutes and Finn taught his brothers something. I might not have known the full extent, but I caught Quincy in the act with a marker and holding his shirt up.

Finn and Paxton were proud of their Art, but Quincy knew it meant I was coming after him with a cold diaper wipe. Thank goodness for washable

crayola products.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Sleeping angels

The third picture was on the 4th of July, when Finn had been in the parade and was exhausted but wouldn't sleep...he fought it by digging through all the clothes in our dressers and even put on my skirt.

Still don't know how to put text below each picture...someone tell me!

Baby needs a Bed!

5 minutes for mom is having a contest...Sleeping angels, they call it. The winner of the cutest sleeping baby gets a bedroom set (and we really need one - or 2). I pick the Summer Breeze Bedroom Set . I am guessing that you can only use one picture, and it is really hard to pick one picture when you have 3 kids. But this one is my favorite. I was making dinner, Quincy was in the bumbo seat on the counter and Paxton jumped in his jumper til he couldn't jump anymore.

Of course you never get pictures of the cutest moments...asleep in a puddle at the beach or covered in chocolate in the car seat. But they are all angels once they give it up and sleep. Look for more pictures of my sleeping angels later...they just won't be submitted for this contest.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

All Aboard!

Yesterday, Quincy started saying something new, "all aboard." I don't know where he learned this (probably TV, which now you all know I let them watch), but he uses it like you or I might say Watch me. He has started talking so much lately, probably more since they've started watching tv (don't tell the experts) and it is so fun to see them finally communicate.

Paxton woke up grumpy today...didn't help that I did too. After hours of grumpiness and a lot of crying, I discovered the problem...a molar trying to come in. This is the last one for a while, and it is making a grand entrance: his gum is swollen and bruised. I believe in motrin, but coupled it with camomile, just to help settle him down faster. And he just woke up from a 3 hour nap.

I was in bed last night, early for me, but Alvin was having computer problems with his work computer that is in our room and was dealing with it until 2:30am. I slept as best as I could with the lights on and the swearing that happened each time he got disconnected with the person he was talking to in India. I broke down and called for help today. We need that computer to do our taxes, due Wednesday. I'd really like to consider buying a new computer, but doing that would involve upgrading all our software, and more expense for a computer that is only used to download books onto alvin's ipod and do our business accounting. It's frustrating and I am tired and not able to make decisions rationally when I am tired.

Off for my flu shot and knitting help. I made bread pudding last night out of this months Everyday food mag; it was good warm, but the rum had an overpowering flavor and the caramel was burnt tasting. The kids loved it for breakfast.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I Love TV

Oh, I know, it's a horrible thing, but if you had 3 kids at home,under age 6, you'd love it too. I was just about to title this post "It's 5:00 somewhere" when I decided to distract them with the television. I don't know too many supoirt groups for kids whose parents let them watch tv. It's important for me to note that our schedule has been off since Wednesday, because there has been no school. You know it's bad when it isn't 5:00 in our country and you are thinking of a drink.

Went to see Momma Mia - the sing a long version, the other night with Jen. It was the most fun I have had at a movie in a long time (although the movie itself wasn't all that great). I think I will buy it on dvd if it comes with the karoke lyrics on it. Then I will encourage Alvin to finally hook up the speakers to our stereo/surround sound. Alvin was a little upset that he didn't get to go, because he loves him some ABBA: however, I scheduled this night out with Jen when I wasn't even sure he would be home yet.

Alvins birthday is Sunday. Don't tell him but I bought him the biggest size ice cream cake DQ sells (kind of a tradition, but he always acts surprised). Since I have to pick it up tomorrow, and he will be with me, we will celebrate tomorrow night. Actually, we are going shopping for his gift in the's probably going to be a computer monitor, because we need nothing else. But then I told him he could sleep in Sunday until noon (should I point out that I didn't get to do that on my birthday) and then we are going swimming. it will be nice to have him around all weekend.