Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a weekend!

Having Alvin home, even only for a few days, was so nice. You could tell he felt bad about being away from us for so long, because he was so helpful. Didn't even complain about cleaning up the kitchen after each meal (I made every mess).

I guess I only have one twenty year high school reunion, but I will willingly wait another 10 years to spend that kind of money on one weekend. Here's the run down: $70 for a facial, $150 for a great hair cut and color (I was trying to look my age, because everyone knew how old I was) $400 for Alvin's last minute plane ticket, $150 for admission to the event (yeah, too much considering we had to pay for alcohol), $40 alcohol, $40 taxi fare. It goes on, but you know I had to buy new clothes (new bras so those gals didn't look their age), parking, ferry fare...thank goodness I didn't have to pay a sitter.

We left home about 6:30 and got home at almost 2am. Reunion was fun, great to see people, but I think it was a bit over the top. It was in a bar, with a band and dark, so you had to yell to carry on a conversation with someone after you squinted to read their name tag. Alvin had an okay time, but I don't think anyone really talked to him. We went with Jen and her husband, so at least they could talk with each other. They sat near the screen where they showed videos of our senior cruise and apparently I flashed the camera. I talked to as many people as I could, but not nearly as many people as I would have liked. I added pictures of people Sarah would like to see.

Sunday, we had the family picnic for the reunion at my parents place. There weren't as many people as they planned for, but it was a nice quiet get together and we could actually talk. It was a lot of work for Jen and I and I don't think any one really noticed that. It's funny, I was embarrassed of my parents "farm" in high school, but now, I am happy to show it off. It is such a fantastic place, with things to amuse everyone, but we really just sat in the shade while the kids enjoyed the bounce house.

Alvin left yesterday with a promise that he would be home by the end of next weekend. I hope it happens, but I know to add a few days on to his schedule and then I am surprised if he finishes earlier than I had planned.


  1. Those are great pictures! I am so glad we went together, with out you I would NOT have gone. And I agree, I can wait another 10 years, but at least we can say we went.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!!! Love ya tons!!

  3. How great that you actually WANTED to go to your 20th reunion! I don't think I'll go to any of mine. I just didn't care in High School. Hmmmm...that explains a lot about me huh! So glad Alvin made it home in time to go with you, even if he didn't have a great time.

  4. I am glad that you got to go. I was going through a hurricane that weekend. I should have made plans to be there instead of here and I would have had more fun. Well, Maybe. Nice to see some pictures of people I recognize from way back when.