Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today they are a curse.

If you've had twins, you know, people come and say the stupidest things to you. "Oh, double the blessings." Realists say, "Double Trouble." And the realists are right. Today they were a curse. Must be teething or something, because the screaming and fighting was nonstop, until I gave them motrin. Then they had a good nap, but about 4 hours later, the screaming and fighting resumed. I barely take them into stores anymore, because even in the stroller, they cause trouble. Used to be that they would just grab things off the shelf, however, letely they seem to know that I will hurry out of the store if they fight with each other. When you are strapped in a stroller, you can only hit and bite your twin...so that is what they do.

Alvin came home tonight and I had dinner on the table. He only had time to wash up before he came to eat. After dinner, I took Finn into the kitchen to make a treat and Alvin reclined under the guise of playing with the twins. Then I busied myself cleaning the kitchen while he bathed and got the boys ready for bed. I wonder what I need to do to get this to happen nightly. When he does that, I will probably ask for more, but for now, I'll make do. And I am still happy to have him home.

Last week kate called and told me Baby Jack wasn't sleeping well. I suggested swaddling, because I believe in swaddling. I recall swaddling Finn when he was about a year old, when he couldn't calm down to go to sleep. Sure I had to use a safety pin to fasten him in, but it worked. Kate said Jack could wiggle out, so I described how tightly I do it, and a few of my little secrets...And he is now sleeping about 6 hours at night. She is a believer too. Finn still likes to be swaddled at age 5 when he is cold and watching tv. The picture above is when Quincy wanted to join him.

No school for Finn the next 3 days...what am I going to do? Well, tomorrow night, Jen and I are going to a Mama Mia sing-a-long (the movie). Might have a drink before we go to loosen my nonsinging lips. I have so many things I want to do, so cross your fingers for nice weather.


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  2. Hmmmm...I wonder if swaddling would work on my alomst-3 year old?? He can't seem to settle down at night...even when he hasn't had a nap (which is more and more often lately - argh). I thought Mamma Mia was hilarious! Especially Pierce Brosnan singing!