Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My favorite things!

Sarah posted on her blog some of her favorite things and it got me thinking about mine. None of mine can be pictured, but I thought I would share them with you.

The messages Finn leaves on our voice mail for me. He calls our phone number, from our number and leaves messages telling me jokes and how much he loves me.

Quincy saying I love you, when I haven't said it to him first.

Paxtons' enthusiasm when he sees something he knows the word for. Right now it's "BUS BUS BUS". Often it's truck, ball, balloon, etc.

My kids fangs. Finn had them, but he has now worn them down so they look "normal." P & Q also have them, but Pax shows his more often.

Warm sheets


Warm pudding (I despise the instant kind, but I love making a box of cooked kind and eating it before it cools)

The smell of rain

Someone else cleaning my house


I am starting to try to be more optimistic, now that Alvin is actually on his way home. Yes, he sould be home by midnight.

I am not much of a crier, unless pregnant, but here is something that made me cry last night. While searching through blogs last night, I found a link to this blog written by a man who was widowed just hours after his daughters birth. I could tell you about it, but I think you'd rather enjoy reading it yourself. Maybe it really hit home, because my pregnancies are so life threatening. I love my husband, but IF I had any say it the matter, I wouldn't go, because he couldn't handle all three of these boys. And even though those 3 boys have cost me my health(kidney damage causing high blood pressure that must be medicated for life) I am greatful to see them grow up and be the little charmers they are.


  1. I am glad you figured out that I have a blog... Silly!!! I sometimes think about those things also. I will have to add a list to my blog... Miss you.

  2. Hi Erika. I found you through Niki's blog - it's Marie, Liesel's old friend. Blogging makes the world so small! It was fun to look through your blog and see pictures of your kids and Liesel's too. Your boys are adorable and Sol looks just like Liesel and Jason! We saw him last when he was about 2. Take care.

  3. Hello Erika, just wanted to say thanks for keep your blog updated with pics of the family. I love to read about the things that are happening in your lives. Love you all tons! Christian