Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like the day should go on ahead with out me, but it didn't because someone had to get up with the boys. The night before I watched a few kids, and decided to blow up the air mattress for them to watch a movie on. It was a hit for the kids and really nice for me, because I laid down and let the boys watch TV yesterday morning. Then came the jumping... Paxton liked to jump off the couch on to the air mattress and kept whacking me in the back and Quincy liked to jump from the floor to the mattress and heat butted me a few times in the process. My back is still stiff and I still have a sore spot on my forehead, but I think it might have been worth the little extra sleep I was able to get. Later in the day, Quincy screamed about everything (usually had to do with Paxton taking something he was playing with) and I couldn't take it any more. I was trying to read a book on the computer and was able to block most of the noise out with ear plugs. The boys played so much better when I couldn't hear everything. I must have gotten engrossed in my book, because I realized how quiet it had been. I glanced over to the kitchen table (Quincy was sitting at my feet playing) and there was Paxton, elbows deep into his 3rd (of the day and it was only 10:30) nectarine he procured by climbing up the bar stools and reaching over into the kitchen. That kid loves fruit. Quincy joined him a little later, but doesn't have the same enthusiasm for fruit.

Today I spent my seventh wedding anniversary canning peaches. And I know I am my own worst critic, but the 7 quarts I canned aren't very appetizing looking. But I still had more than a 20 pound box of peaches left and had to do something with them. I am now processing a few pints of peach jam, that tastes as good as it looks. But what am I going to do with close to 15 pounds of peaches (and 15 pounds of nectarines)? Any suggestions?

We are pretty boring here this week. Had a few play dates and went to Finns school for a meet the teacher afternoon. He loved his classroom and spent almost an hour playing in the rice (texture table) his teacher has. We came home and made colored rice for the boys to play with at home ( I think I am going to bring in the water table this fall and let them play in the house with things that can be easily vacuumed up). Since he is in the only 1/2 day kindergarten class at his school (we'd have to pay $3000 for full day) the ratio of boys to girls can't be changed- 14 boys and 5 girls. To hell with apples or gift certificates, I am giving the teacher valium for christmas.

I admit it...I am now a Twilight fan. The book I was so hesitant to read is now close to consuming my life. I read the second book which is 600 pages in 2 days and still managed to feed the kids and maintain some normal life for them. I just finished reading a book online and am about to start the third book in the series. But I stumbled on a few web sites about the up coming movie and I now have something besides kindergarten to look forward to.

Yesterday, even though I felt crappy, I agreed to go on a bike ride with my parents and Finn. I came across a trail a bike (pulled behind my bike) at a consignment store and talked the price down to $40. Feeling pretty good about my purchase, this was a chance to make Finn feel special and allow my parent to pay for the sitter they had arranged. But the bike didn't look or feel secure and I couldn't allow Finn to come with us. So Finn stayed with the sitter, because I promised to make him pesto for dinner. On our ride, we ran into a couple that I used to baby sit for and when talking about my kids, I shared with them Finn's disappointment about not being there. They sympathised and later accepted my dad's offer to go horse back riding today. When they showed up today, they brought us their Burley bike...the kind I couldn't afford to buy and couldn't find one used. Their youngest is 16 and they said it had been in storage and they would love to see us getting some use out of it. I need to have the "thing" mounted to my bike and I don't have the right screws, but Finn is more than likely going to have a ride tomorrow. (My dad gave my mom a bike trip through Provence for her birthday and they are training for the trip...that is why all the bike rides). I just hope that Finn will be good encouragement for me to get out there again.


  1. There is a recipe for Peach Butter on this site that looks pretty yummy . . . not sure how hard it is to make, but it might be a way to get rid of those peaches!

  2. How great that they gave you a Burley Bike! I bet Finn loves it! Your boys are gorgeous!

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