Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it in the water?

Today as we left for the bus, we saw a deer in the front yard, then turned and saw its twin eating out of our garden. They hung around all morning and I didn't see a mother anywhere near (and I got about 15 feet away). I know nothing about deer, but if something happened to their mother, I guess I am not so mad about them eating my garden. If you are inclined to tell me that the deer in the picture are old enough to be on their own...stuff it, I want to think that I am helping some poor defenseless Bambis (what is the plural of that?).
So I have to ask...why all the freaking twins? When I got pregnant with the twins, the woman who lived downstairs had twin teenager daughters. Since she would tell us when she "heard" us, I accused her of putting an Indian curse on us (she laughed, and she was NA) to teach us to be quieter...or stop us from doing it altogether. Maybe she cursed the deer too.
Above is a picture of the twins on their birthday. Notice Quincys bloody nose. Lately, it's like they know they have to act 2 and their vocabulary is exploding. Quincy is somewhat understandable, but Paxton still talks around his bubby (pacifier) and is a challenge to understand.
I don't think I ever mentioned that I made peach butter (recipe that Blair recommeneded) and it was delicious. I cooked it in a crockpot for close to 24 hours. Later I made Fig Pineapple jam with my mom and her abundance of figs. But all this jam needs home made bread. Even with the mixer Alvin bought me, I can only make good bread in the bread machine. Someone needs to teach me to make bread, and I would really love to make oatmeal molasses bread.
Our nightmare is still continuing...Alvin is still not home. 2 nights ago, he said he had everything done in the house and was trying to leave by 11am, to go to his brothers house to do some things there. Yesterday, he finally left the house at 5pm and has a days worth of stuff to do there. Please cross your fingers (legs too) that he finishes tonight and can get off in the morning. It's a full day drive and with any luck, he could be home about bedtime.


  1. I hope....for your sanity....that he comes home today. : )

  2. That's funny that the lady downstairs used to tell you when she "heard you". That cracks me up!!!