Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boys!

Hard to believe that Paxton and Quincy are 2! The time has gone so quiclky and my little tiny babies are now little boys.
Today was a rough one, with a bloody - possibly broken nose, for Quincy as I was getting ready to leave for the bus stop (Finn was involved!), and Paxton throwing up just before dinner at my brother's house. The picture was taken last week, my camera is in the car...they look about the same, but are now sporting 2 year old haircuts. I took advantage of their age and shopped for their gifts at Safeway, but they are going to love their new electric tooth brushes and kid silverware. They have enough toys, so I will love the clothes the family bought for them.
It is also my borhter Jacobs birthday: he's a good sport sharing his past 2 birthday parties with my guys, although I am sure there was some celebrating with his friends that we weren't invited to.


  1. Happy Birthday, boys!! Many Years!! HUGS n' KISSES!!

  2. Ooohh....I'm so sad we missed their birthday. We miss you guys a ton.

    Love you!