Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crying WORKS

Woke up yesterday feeling lousy and didn't feel better as the say wore on, just more irritated. I ended up in tears when Alvin told me he found rot on the deck he was just supposed to fix a few things on (another week). Mental breakdown and he offered to come home for this weekend and go back Monday. He is on a plane as right this minute. He will miss the twins birthday, but I think I will try to make a celebration Sunday after my high school reunion picnic (there are 3 different activities for the reunion).

Did you hear about the hole in our wall? {Last December, I was home alone, talking on the phone and getting dresses, when the twins wedged a board in front of a bedroom door and barracaded themselves in what was our room? I was frantic and couldn't get them out, couldn't leave them to go get Finn from school. Finally got ahold of Alvin who came home and decided to cut a hole in the sheetrock to get the board moved and get them out: that was a cheaper repair and less dangerous than breaking the window.} Well, 9 months later and the wall still has a hole in it. It's a magnet for blocks, toys, pacifiers, etc. We have switched rooms and it is now between Finn's room and the twins...but the twins nap in seperate rooms. I put the boys down for a nap the other day, but I could hear Quincy yelling "Paxy" (actually sounds like he is saying "but-see") and got into his room to see him on his tippy toes yelling through the hole trying to keep his brother awake.

Finn is funny too! I am sure other boys do the same things, but it's always funnier when it's your kids. Yesterday, Finn was playing with his brothers and came out of the bathroom with a 4 foot piece of Toilet paper sticking out of his pants. You know I have nightmares about that kind of humiliation. He then proceeded to give his brothers horsey rides...and the shredded tail is still scattered about the floor.

Went swimming today at a friends house and everyone is nice and tired. Hopefully, we will all sleep in tomorrow, even after going to bed at 7:00.

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  1. I'm so sorry that Alvin is going to miss the twin's birthday! That is too funny about the hole in the wall...funny because it didn't happen to me...I would have been freaking out. Aaahhhh...the old toilet paper in the pants thing, Finn is hilarious! It is good to get to laugh with/at our kids, it sure helps.