Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today they are a curse.

If you've had twins, you know, people come and say the stupidest things to you. "Oh, double the blessings." Realists say, "Double Trouble." And the realists are right. Today they were a curse. Must be teething or something, because the screaming and fighting was nonstop, until I gave them motrin. Then they had a good nap, but about 4 hours later, the screaming and fighting resumed. I barely take them into stores anymore, because even in the stroller, they cause trouble. Used to be that they would just grab things off the shelf, however, letely they seem to know that I will hurry out of the store if they fight with each other. When you are strapped in a stroller, you can only hit and bite your twin...so that is what they do.

Alvin came home tonight and I had dinner on the table. He only had time to wash up before he came to eat. After dinner, I took Finn into the kitchen to make a treat and Alvin reclined under the guise of playing with the twins. Then I busied myself cleaning the kitchen while he bathed and got the boys ready for bed. I wonder what I need to do to get this to happen nightly. When he does that, I will probably ask for more, but for now, I'll make do. And I am still happy to have him home.

Last week kate called and told me Baby Jack wasn't sleeping well. I suggested swaddling, because I believe in swaddling. I recall swaddling Finn when he was about a year old, when he couldn't calm down to go to sleep. Sure I had to use a safety pin to fasten him in, but it worked. Kate said Jack could wiggle out, so I described how tightly I do it, and a few of my little secrets...And he is now sleeping about 6 hours at night. She is a believer too. Finn still likes to be swaddled at age 5 when he is cold and watching tv. The picture above is when Quincy wanted to join him.

No school for Finn the next 3 days...what am I going to do? Well, tomorrow night, Jen and I are going to a Mama Mia sing-a-long (the movie). Might have a drink before we go to loosen my nonsinging lips. I have so many things I want to do, so cross your fingers for nice weather.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My favorite things!

Sarah posted on her blog some of her favorite things and it got me thinking about mine. None of mine can be pictured, but I thought I would share them with you.

The messages Finn leaves on our voice mail for me. He calls our phone number, from our number and leaves messages telling me jokes and how much he loves me.

Quincy saying I love you, when I haven't said it to him first.

Paxtons' enthusiasm when he sees something he knows the word for. Right now it's "BUS BUS BUS". Often it's truck, ball, balloon, etc.

My kids fangs. Finn had them, but he has now worn them down so they look "normal." P & Q also have them, but Pax shows his more often.

Warm sheets


Warm pudding (I despise the instant kind, but I love making a box of cooked kind and eating it before it cools)

The smell of rain

Someone else cleaning my house


I am starting to try to be more optimistic, now that Alvin is actually on his way home. Yes, he sould be home by midnight.

I am not much of a crier, unless pregnant, but here is something that made me cry last night. While searching through blogs last night, I found a link to this blog http://www.mattlogelin.com/ written by a man who was widowed just hours after his daughters birth. I could tell you about it, but I think you'd rather enjoy reading it yourself. Maybe it really hit home, because my pregnancies are so life threatening. I love my husband, but IF I had any say it the matter, I wouldn't go, because he couldn't handle all three of these boys. And even though those 3 boys have cost me my health(kidney damage causing high blood pressure that must be medicated for life) I am greatful to see them grow up and be the little charmers they are.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it in the water?

Today as we left for the bus, we saw a deer in the front yard, then turned and saw its twin eating out of our garden. They hung around all morning and I didn't see a mother anywhere near (and I got about 15 feet away). I know nothing about deer, but if something happened to their mother, I guess I am not so mad about them eating my garden. If you are inclined to tell me that the deer in the picture are old enough to be on their own...stuff it, I want to think that I am helping some poor defenseless Bambis (what is the plural of that?).
So I have to ask...why all the freaking twins? When I got pregnant with the twins, the woman who lived downstairs had twin teenager daughters. Since she would tell us when she "heard" us, I accused her of putting an Indian curse on us (she laughed, and she was NA) to teach us to be quieter...or stop us from doing it altogether. Maybe she cursed the deer too.
Above is a picture of the twins on their birthday. Notice Quincys bloody nose. Lately, it's like they know they have to act 2 and their vocabulary is exploding. Quincy is somewhat understandable, but Paxton still talks around his bubby (pacifier) and is a challenge to understand.
I don't think I ever mentioned that I made peach butter (recipe that Blair recommeneded) and it was delicious. I cooked it in a crockpot for close to 24 hours. Later I made Fig Pineapple jam with my mom and her abundance of figs. But all this jam needs home made bread. Even with the mixer Alvin bought me, I can only make good bread in the bread machine. Someone needs to teach me to make bread, and I would really love to make oatmeal molasses bread.
Our nightmare is still continuing...Alvin is still not home. 2 nights ago, he said he had everything done in the house and was trying to leave by 11am, to go to his brothers house to do some things there. Yesterday, he finally left the house at 5pm and has a days worth of stuff to do there. Please cross your fingers (legs too) that he finishes tonight and can get off in the morning. It's a full day drive and with any luck, he could be home about bedtime.

I'm no Martha Stewart

Some of you know that I used to watch Martha Stewart religiously her first season. Of course the twins were tiny and needed to be fed every other hour, so I Tivo'ed it and watched it at 2 or 4 or 6 in the morning. Well, the twins grew up and I haven't watched it much since, but I just read about a blog contest for her show...I'm going to check it out and see if I want to enter. Maybe I could win something cool; a trip to a spa would be nice, but I would really like a housekeeper for life (I'd take a year). What am I thinking. I know so little about blogging that I can't get the text under the right pictures (Help.) or size images different in the same post (help). But while passing through blogs, I found people who do the strangest things, like one woman who took pictures of her meals at a restaurant...did the waiter stare at you as your flash went off, multiple times? How rude.

But here is the link if you want to read about it. http://www.themarthablog.com/2008/09/how-to-create-your-own-blog-let-us-show-you.html

But how cool would it be to make money off your blog? Not like I ever could. I mean who wants to read about some frazzled mom in the suburbs and my family might hate me if I wrote about them (although they are good writing material).

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Okay, I am new at this, but Sarah "tagged" me and I guess I should do it.

Here are the rules: I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only! Then I must pass it on to seven others! The questions are as follows:
1. Where is your cell phone? missing
2. Where is your significant other? California (still!)
3. Your hair color? FAKE
4. Your mother? hard-working
5. Your father? bald
6. Your favorite thing? quiet-time
7. Your dream last night? HOT
8. Your dream/goal? sanity
9. The room you're in? family room
10. Your hobby? diapering (didn't say i like it)
11. Your fear? snakes
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? wealthy
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you're not? rich
15. One of your wish-list items? i-pod
16. Where you grew up? Washington
17. The last thing you did? kissed
18. What are you wearing? socks
19. Your TV? on
20. Your pet? stuffed
21. Your computer? ON
22. Your mood? worn out
23. Missing someone? Alvin
24. Your car? minivan
25. Something you're not wearing? pants
26. Favorite store? online
27. Your summer? over
28.Love someone? absolutely
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? at finn, just now.
31. Last time you cried? last week

(I don't know 7 others that would do this so if you feel like forwarding it on, please do.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boys!

Hard to believe that Paxton and Quincy are 2! The time has gone so quiclky and my little tiny babies are now little boys.
Today was a rough one, with a bloody - possibly broken nose, for Quincy as I was getting ready to leave for the bus stop (Finn was involved!), and Paxton throwing up just before dinner at my brother's house. The picture was taken last week, my camera is in the car...they look about the same, but are now sporting 2 year old haircuts. I took advantage of their age and shopped for their gifts at Safeway, but they are going to love their new electric tooth brushes and kid silverware. They have enough toys, so I will love the clothes the family bought for them.
It is also my borhter Jacobs birthday: he's a good sport sharing his past 2 birthday parties with my guys, although I am sure there was some celebrating with his friends that we weren't invited to.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a weekend!

Having Alvin home, even only for a few days, was so nice. You could tell he felt bad about being away from us for so long, because he was so helpful. Didn't even complain about cleaning up the kitchen after each meal (I made every mess).

I guess I only have one twenty year high school reunion, but I will willingly wait another 10 years to spend that kind of money on one weekend. Here's the run down: $70 for a facial, $150 for a great hair cut and color (I was trying to look my age, because everyone knew how old I was) $400 for Alvin's last minute plane ticket, $150 for admission to the event (yeah, too much considering we had to pay for alcohol), $40 alcohol, $40 taxi fare. It goes on, but you know I had to buy new clothes (new bras so those gals didn't look their age), parking, ferry fare...thank goodness I didn't have to pay a sitter.

We left home about 6:30 and got home at almost 2am. Reunion was fun, great to see people, but I think it was a bit over the top. It was in a bar, with a band and dark, so you had to yell to carry on a conversation with someone after you squinted to read their name tag. Alvin had an okay time, but I don't think anyone really talked to him. We went with Jen and her husband, so at least they could talk with each other. They sat near the screen where they showed videos of our senior cruise and apparently I flashed the camera. I talked to as many people as I could, but not nearly as many people as I would have liked. I added pictures of people Sarah would like to see.

Sunday, we had the family picnic for the reunion at my parents place. There weren't as many people as they planned for, but it was a nice quiet get together and we could actually talk. It was a lot of work for Jen and I and I don't think any one really noticed that. It's funny, I was embarrassed of my parents "farm" in high school, but now, I am happy to show it off. It is such a fantastic place, with things to amuse everyone, but we really just sat in the shade while the kids enjoyed the bounce house.

Alvin left yesterday with a promise that he would be home by the end of next weekend. I hope it happens, but I know to add a few days on to his schedule and then I am surprised if he finishes earlier than I had planned.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crying WORKS

Woke up yesterday feeling lousy and didn't feel better as the say wore on, just more irritated. I ended up in tears when Alvin told me he found rot on the deck he was just supposed to fix a few things on (another week). Mental breakdown and he offered to come home for this weekend and go back Monday. He is on a plane as right this minute. He will miss the twins birthday, but I think I will try to make a celebration Sunday after my high school reunion picnic (there are 3 different activities for the reunion).

Did you hear about the hole in our wall? {Last December, I was home alone, talking on the phone and getting dresses, when the twins wedged a board in front of a bedroom door and barracaded themselves in what was our room? I was frantic and couldn't get them out, couldn't leave them to go get Finn from school. Finally got ahold of Alvin who came home and decided to cut a hole in the sheetrock to get the board moved and get them out: that was a cheaper repair and less dangerous than breaking the window.} Well, 9 months later and the wall still has a hole in it. It's a magnet for blocks, toys, pacifiers, etc. We have switched rooms and it is now between Finn's room and the twins...but the twins nap in seperate rooms. I put the boys down for a nap the other day, but I could hear Quincy yelling "Paxy" (actually sounds like he is saying "but-see") and got into his room to see him on his tippy toes yelling through the hole trying to keep his brother awake.

Finn is funny too! I am sure other boys do the same things, but it's always funnier when it's your kids. Yesterday, Finn was playing with his brothers and came out of the bathroom with a 4 foot piece of Toilet paper sticking out of his pants. You know I have nightmares about that kind of humiliation. He then proceeded to give his brothers horsey rides...and the shredded tail is still scattered about the floor.

Went swimming today at a friends house and everyone is nice and tired. Hopefully, we will all sleep in tomorrow, even after going to bed at 7:00.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My childs brain amazes me

"Mom, how do turtles float?"

Mom, reading and not wanting to be disturbed, " I don't know Finn, you'll have to ask your dad."

"Maybe they have helium pumped into their shells."

He is always coming to me with science questions and I don't have the answers. Then he will try to solve them...I love that kid.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was Finn's first day of school. It was only 45 minutes and I was in the class with him, and he did pretty well. Today feels like "a first" because he went off on his own, on the school bus and will be gone for about 3 1/2 hours. The bus stop is a few driveways down (if you open the picture, you can see our mailbox just behind the bus, taken from the bus stop). and won't take us long to walk there every morning, but if there are no other kids getting on here, I will ask them to move the stop to our driveway. Today there was another mom and her 2nd grader, but they drove down their driveway and she told me that she usually drives her son to school. Because I was "preoccupied" talking to her, I didn't get as teary eyed as I thought I would...but I am now. Oh, there are 14 boys and 5 girls in Finn's class and did you see the scary bus driver?
Last night I was up until 1:30 CANNING. I thought about stopping earlier, but opted to finish the fruit I had left and get it DONE! I did a few pints of peaches and 8 pints of nectarines with ginger syrup (no, I have never had canned nectarines either). The night before last I made a double recipe of the peach butter blair suggested (I made it in the crock pot and let it cook for close to 24 hours) and I got it canned last night. It's pretty good, but has a bit too much cinnamon for me. Needless to say I am pleased that I "put up" about 50 -60 pounds of fruit while being a single mom.
Update on Alvin: He says he should be home next Thursday. He thinks he is going to hire a roofing company and I am all for this idea. If he had to do the roof, it would take him at least another week and a half and we really just want him home. He's already missed my birthday, our anniversary, labor day, finn's first day of school, two sets of two year old molars and if he is any later, he will miss my high school reunion (he'd like that) and our boys birthdays.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like the day should go on ahead with out me, but it didn't because someone had to get up with the boys. The night before I watched a few kids, and decided to blow up the air mattress for them to watch a movie on. It was a hit for the kids and really nice for me, because I laid down and let the boys watch TV yesterday morning. Then came the jumping... Paxton liked to jump off the couch on to the air mattress and kept whacking me in the back and Quincy liked to jump from the floor to the mattress and heat butted me a few times in the process. My back is still stiff and I still have a sore spot on my forehead, but I think it might have been worth the little extra sleep I was able to get. Later in the day, Quincy screamed about everything (usually had to do with Paxton taking something he was playing with) and I couldn't take it any more. I was trying to read a book on the computer and was able to block most of the noise out with ear plugs. The boys played so much better when I couldn't hear everything. I must have gotten engrossed in my book, because I realized how quiet it had been. I glanced over to the kitchen table (Quincy was sitting at my feet playing) and there was Paxton, elbows deep into his 3rd (of the day and it was only 10:30) nectarine he procured by climbing up the bar stools and reaching over into the kitchen. That kid loves fruit. Quincy joined him a little later, but doesn't have the same enthusiasm for fruit.

Today I spent my seventh wedding anniversary canning peaches. And I know I am my own worst critic, but the 7 quarts I canned aren't very appetizing looking. But I still had more than a 20 pound box of peaches left and had to do something with them. I am now processing a few pints of peach jam, that tastes as good as it looks. But what am I going to do with close to 15 pounds of peaches (and 15 pounds of nectarines)? Any suggestions?

We are pretty boring here this week. Had a few play dates and went to Finns school for a meet the teacher afternoon. He loved his classroom and spent almost an hour playing in the rice (texture table) his teacher has. We came home and made colored rice for the boys to play with at home ( I think I am going to bring in the water table this fall and let them play in the house with things that can be easily vacuumed up). Since he is in the only 1/2 day kindergarten class at his school (we'd have to pay $3000 for full day) the ratio of boys to girls can't be changed- 14 boys and 5 girls. To hell with apples or gift certificates, I am giving the teacher valium for christmas.

I admit it...I am now a Twilight fan. The book I was so hesitant to read is now close to consuming my life. I read the second book which is 600 pages in 2 days and still managed to feed the kids and maintain some normal life for them. I just finished reading a book online and am about to start the third book in the series. But I stumbled on a few web sites about the up coming movie and I now have something besides kindergarten to look forward to.

Yesterday, even though I felt crappy, I agreed to go on a bike ride with my parents and Finn. I came across a trail a bike (pulled behind my bike) at a consignment store and talked the price down to $40. Feeling pretty good about my purchase, this was a chance to make Finn feel special and allow my parent to pay for the sitter they had arranged. But the bike didn't look or feel secure and I couldn't allow Finn to come with us. So Finn stayed with the sitter, because I promised to make him pesto for dinner. On our ride, we ran into a couple that I used to baby sit for and when talking about my kids, I shared with them Finn's disappointment about not being there. They sympathised and later accepted my dad's offer to go horse back riding today. When they showed up today, they brought us their Burley bike...the kind I couldn't afford to buy and couldn't find one used. Their youngest is 16 and they said it had been in storage and they would love to see us getting some use out of it. I need to have the "thing" mounted to my bike and I don't have the right screws, but Finn is more than likely going to have a ride tomorrow. (My dad gave my mom a bike trip through Provence for her birthday and they are training for the trip...that is why all the bike rides). I just hope that Finn will be good encouragement for me to get out there again.