Saturday, August 23, 2008

Visitors, Vacation, Twilight & lost teeth

Been a while since I have written on here, but I have good excuses.
First Alvin returned home and the next day his brother and his family came for a visit. Seemed like we were busy busy busy. We "vacationed" close to home with them: seeing the sights in Seattle, going to local beaches and visiting Victoria Canada (we left the twins at home with Mimi). It was fun being a tourist for a while. We had an enjoyable visit and Finn really enjoyed having "new" cousins around.

The day they left, we left too. We drove to Central Oregon to my Aunt and Uncles cabin for some lake time. For our own space, we camped in front of the cabin. Alvin has an old tent he inherited from his step dad that slept all 5 of us (2 pack & plays, twin and queen air mattresses). The day we arrived it was 110 degrees, and we opted to pitch our tent instead of heading to the lake. The second day it was only 102 degrees and we spent a few hours at the lake and spent nap time in the car for the AC. We went back to the lake for some boat time and we all loved the boat. Paxton and Quincy were terrified at first, but once we moved, they were thrilled. We even got all 5 of us on an inflatable for a ride that ended too soon...THUNDERSTORM! Headed back, had dinner and watched the lightning. A few hours later, headed out to find the forest fire started nearby because of the lightning (we wanted to make sure it was on the other side of the lake so we could sleep). Alvin and I both woke several times that night, feeling like we were in a bowling alley. Monday, it was still stormy so we stayed indoors and ran a few errand to keep ourselves occupied. (I started reading Twilight...comments on that later). Tuesday, I drove Alvin into Portland and returned back to the lake, so we could have more fun in the sun. I had intended to go home Tuesday, but accepted the invitation to stay on, because I had so much help. Tuesday night it was stormy again, and the wind kept howling...Alvin's absence and coyotes presence made sleep difficult. Wednesday the weather still wasn't nice and I spent more time reading Twilight. Wednesday night it was still windy and at 11:30, half of our tent collapsed and after righting it, I wasn't able to sleep for the remainder of the night. I made the decision to go home early because I was so tired, of course, after we left, the weather finally cleared up. With out Alvin there, the boys didn't let me get too far away from them, and I couldn't recover (read Nap) in the tent or in the well populated cabin, so we left. We had a great time and Alvin says we will go again next year (after we check the weather forcast). Finn loved having more "new" cousins and was angry that I made us leave early.

If you are considering camping with toddlers, let me share with you a suggestion...give them a cheap flashlight at bedtime. My boys enthusiastically climbed into bed to play with their flashlights and fell asleep with them on.

We returned home and slept fantastically in our own quiet beds! I finished reading Twilight last night and can now set about unpacking. One might say I was a little engrossed in it. There was no need for me to worry about being scared...after all it was a book written for teenage girls. It was an easy enjoyable read and I am trying to track down the others in the series so I don't have to wait for my holds at the library.

I donated blood yesterday (nothing to do with the vampire book) and when we returned home, Finn helped himself to a chocolate milk box. Like we all do, he used his teeth to open it (he prefers not to use the straw). Oops. "Mom, do I have a bloody gum?' I looked and he was missing a tooth. I was not prepared for this: he's only 5. I quietly panicked and set out looking for the tooth. It seems to be broken, but it looks okay in his mouth (and his dentist was closed for vacation), so I quickly told him what I knew about the tooth fairy. I thought I would have the time his first tooth was loose to decide what to tell him, and since he didn't ask a lot of questions we left it to the basics: tooth fairy takes your tooth from under the pillow and leaves money. If you have any idea what the tooth fairy does with these teeth, please leave a comment. As we got him ready for bed, he remembered his tooth pillow, that my babysitter (she used to babysit me) gave to him when he was born (I had forgotten about it). We took the picture of him with it for her. He was so excited this morning when he came out of his room with his "gold dollar" the tooth fairy left him. I understand that I got off pretty cheap here, but his dad promises to give him gold dollars when he does something great, so this was a real hit. He told everyone he saw today. Alvin and I still can't believe he is old enough to be loosing teeth.

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  1. The tooth fairy collects the teeth to use as bricks in building her castle . . . the walls, and the city within. Naturally, some of these "bricks" need replacing - hence the need of new teeth.

    Just the story I told my kids.