Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vampires and werewolfs?

So, on our beach outing last week, we got to talkin gabout books. I admit it, I read novels: and even better if they are light and trashy. Okay, I have never purchased one from the grocery store, I usually check them out from the library and I guess most qualify as chick-lit. Just recently, I have felt okay admitting this to people, just not when my sister is around. My life is just too chaotic and when I read, I want to be entertained, by something not close to the life I am leading.

Well, Brooke asked me if I had read Twilight. No I haven't and she said it was fabulous. And then, she bought it for me! Okay, I googled it and seem to find out that it's about vampires and werewolves and I am honestly too scared to start reading it. I have this visid imagaination and have nightmares after any scary movie. Apparently, this book is about to be released as a movie, has many sequels and teenage girls are reading it... but no one says anything about it being scary. Have you read it? Can you please clue me in. Once I get the okay, I am going to dig in and read, which means putting off cooking, cleaning and sometimes sleep.


  1. Erika...

    I think you will be fine reading the Twilight series. Taylor has read the first three and then was at the bookstore until way after midnight last night so she could get the 4th book. She has never had nightmares or appeared to be scared by them at all....and she is my little worry wart....always checking to make sure the doors are locked...over and over again. I haven't read them...but I think I will start. I think you should too!

    We love and miss you a ton!

    Shannon, Taylor and Tanner

  2. Mary's reading it and Hannah has read them and can't wait for the film. Personally, I bet they are not as good (most likely very different, however) as Anne Rice's vampire novels. I doubt they are scary as heck though. Give it a go if you can!! I think it's about a girl who falls for the vampire dude. Nothing scary about that . . . weird, but not scary.

  3. Erika,
    READ THEM! My step-daughters were reading them and couldn't stop talking about them, so I decided to read them and they are great! It is more of a romance than a vampire novel- totally engrossing! The part of you that is still a 16 year old girl will love them!!!
    P.S. cross your fingers that Kate goes in to labor before Monday!!!

  4. I read all 4 books and they are not scary at all. They were AWESOME! Although I don't think teenage girls should read the 4th book because it's pretty inappropriate for teenagers (a bunch of sex talk and some cussing).