Friday, August 8, 2008

catch up!

Alvin comes home tomorrow...I can't believe it's been a month. I had intended to do all these projects around the house after I got the house clean and that never happened, so the projects never got done. It was enough work to keep up the laundry, dishes and feeding the kids, that special projects weren't really a priority. And all the time I thought I'd be putting stuff on here...HA, I found that if I wrote when I had time, it would all be negative so I just didn't (and Alvin only looked at my blog once).
I would have to say that the third week was the best during my husbands absence. I knew we were more than halfway through and Finn went to space camp every morning! We also drove out to the Dungeness Spit, where we met my family and had an enjoyable afternoon playing by the ocean. In celebration of my mom's birthday, the grandkids and most of the family went to the public pool: it was nice for me because there were enough adults to help with the twins. Finn went off the high dive and scared me! I didn't know he was a strong enough swimmer to make it back to the side in the deep end, but he did, several times.

This week was a little harder (I wonder if Finn being away for a few hours made it easier), probably anticipation of Alvin's return and stress because I should have gotten the house clean (would be a total shock for Alvin and because we have company coming). We had another beach day, this time at Point No Point and a few play dates at our house.

Yesterday, I left all the kids with my sister and shopped all day. It was so nice not to have to buckle car seats and drag unwilling shoppers through the stores. Finn got new school clothes and I got all the things I needed (namely hit a store an hour away for some marinade I can't find anywhere else).

No, I haven't read Twilight yet. I was really worried about being scared and now that I know I won't be, I have too many things to get done (and another book, I really want to read is in at the library...oh, I might not be too social for my company).
I must fo tidy up...hoping to at least get vacuuming done.


  1. Love the pics, E! The parting is always easiest and a piece of cake once the return is around the corner. Glad you've made it through. Each time, it does get a little easier when you hit your groove. Don't expect too much of yourself 'cos the tots are so wee just yet. Try to just live in the moments. I regret worrying so much about the house.

    Love you bunches!

  2. So glad that Alvin is home! I sent you that email before I read this post, so sorry. Good job making it through!