Sunday, August 24, 2008

38 Candles

"I can't believe they freaking forgot my birthday!"

I love the movie 16 Candles and I can't resist watching it on TV even though I have seen it so many times, I can probably recite the entire thing. I think my love for it is because I feel like my birthday is often forgotten. People get all wrapped up in late summer, retting ready for school, that they forget my birthday. Birthday parties never have as many kids and sometimes it's too hot for an outdoor party.

At least a few times a year, Alvin has to have me clarify the actual day, for some reason he thinks it is the 24th. At 2:00 yesterday, I had to tell him it was my Birthday. He felt terrible and honestly, he didn't even know what day of the week it was (gets that way when he is working a lot). To his credit, he bought me a gift last week in Portland. But who tells the kids to wish me a happy birthday?

By 4:00, it was obvious that I was forgotten (again) and I decided to make my own birthday cake, using the new kitchen aid mixer Alvin got me. I found a recipe, that made my mouth water, for a flourless chocolate cake and I decided that I would take it next door and share. I would have made Martha Stewart proud as I premeasured the 4 ingredients, but I dropped one of the 8 eggs I needed, and I only had 8. I asked Finn to get me some from the chicken coop and he took forever getting them. Of course, when he returned, his brothers woke up and I had to make the cake with them pulling at my legs. Finn got called back over to my parents, and I sat down to read to the twins. After 40 minutes of baking, I got up to see how it was doing, and it looked great, then I looked over at the mixer and saw the sugar that was supposed to be added when the egg whites were whipped. Guess I got distracted, but it just made my day worse. Decided that I wouldn't be sharing after all.

At 6:10, my mom called and had finally remember, so she offered an invitations for dinner out. Since the boys were already eating and I don't like to take them out, I allowed them to get take out Thai and eat at our house. My mom bathed the boys and picked up the toys and my dad did the dishes...and we did eat the cake, with ice cream, but it was still bitter (and there is 3/4 of it left).

Since this is the beginning of our family birthday season, I will have time to perfect the cake, and I have a great mixer to use! Our anniversay is in 2 weeks, the twins birthday (and Jacobs) is on September 17th and Alvin's birthday is October 5th.


  1. I feel a shite for not getting around to ringing you up, too! Ugh! Argh! I'm so sorry!! I did think of you on and off all day and life around here never slowed down. Connor is getting ready to start high school tomorrow and we've been trying to get him ready and then "life" and the group stuff I have to take care of and schedule. . . .

    But, I love you and hope you'll accept my be-lated wishes!!

  2. DOn't worry about it...the ones that always forget are the ones I am related to! And you remembered early! Good luck with High School

  3. I will have to admit, that I thought about it a week or so earlier, but your birthday was dedicated to my parents 50th wedding anniversary and it was crazy.. I do apologize. It sounds as if it turned out ok in the end.

    You are as old as me again!!!

  4. What a crock that your own family forgot your birthday! Let alone your "friends"! I'm so sorry!

    I'd love to have the recipe of your cake though!