Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Price of gas vs. price of sanity

A few weeks ago on my msn homepage, there was an article about a new book...something about secrets of moms, and after I read a few secrets, like "I feed my kids mac and cheese 3-4 nights a weeks, I dismissed everything else and swore I would not read that book. Why? Because I thought I might try feeding my kids mac and cheese for several nights. I don't need any more bad habits. But then Monday, I did something that I think could have been in that book. You see, my mini-van was disgusting! I was trying to clean it and had 2 little ones taking things out of the trash bags, or putting stuff in the trash bags, climbing in, out and over me, Quincy figured out how to get the key into the ignition and finally I had had enough. I strapped them in their car seats and turned on a movie. I finished the project in record time, but am a little embarrassed by what some may call "creativity." I then took the car to be vacuumed and still have not even washed the floor mats that are sitting on my lawn. The van has a wonky battery, so I turned the car on while they watched the movie. It was worth the cost of gas!

Monday we had lunch at a friends house on the beach. There was a bit of a crowd, but so many people to keep eyes on my kids. Drew took Finn kayaking: they were gone a while and Finn had a fantastic time. The kids played in the water for hours and finn even did some swimming. Ended the day kayaking with my brother in law: I've never taken Alvin kayaking, but am determined to do it because I enjoyed it so much.

Yesterday was my moms birthday and she watched the boys while I went to get my hair cut. She decided that I needed some pampering and it was all her treat. Its only been 10 months since my last cut, so I was living in ponytails...can't do that now. I was exhausted though because I'd stayed up very very late, finishing a novel!

Just had a delightful surprise. A friend stopped by, delivered some wonderful fresh raspberries and stayed, helping me clean, encouraged me to clean more and gave me some much needed adult time. Thank you Trish!


  1. Speaking of birthdays, you're on you 23 day countdown starting today. IS there something I can send you that would make you know for certain just how much I love you??? I mean, I can't send myself (I wish I could - I need a break, too!). Anyway, I am thinking, but you could email me some suggestions?

    Love you,

  2. OH yeah, Sarah reminded me... I will be at my parents 50th wedding anniversary party on your birthday. But you can still catch up to me.... :)

    I miss the water... But I am at the gulf coast...

    Your kids look like they are having so much fun.. That is awesome.