Monday, July 21, 2008

Need an attitude adjustment

So I am in a crappy mood and have been for days. I have gone out and done things, but it isn't like I can be social at a party when I have to look after 2 little ones. I am just plain tired of my own company (Sol is the closest thing to adult conversation and he is only 10). So maybe I should trying some gratitude.

I am grateful for my friends.

Kate the great (I hope she laughed). I don't know too many people who have had a best friend since they were 5, but it is so great to tell things to someone who has known you so long, you don't have to explain the history. And she is polite to my family, but willing to dish the minute we get a chance. It's like a sister who hates the same family members you do. And Kate still talks to me after I puked on the table at a favorite restaurant.

Then there is Jen. I have known Jen since high school, maybe middle school, and for a while we were just christmas card friends. But we reconnected recently and I have enjoyed her company more than most. I get afraid she is going to realize I am so attached to her, she is going to dump me! But then she calls me in the middle of the day, just for a chat. This friendship came at the time when I really needed a friend close by. I just wish we could leave the kids and go out!

Sure there are other things I am grateful for, but that seemed to help my mood already.


  1. It IS so nice to have friends there when you need them. I can't imagine being in a good mood at all when your husband is gone for a month...or cut yourself some slack. ;-)

  2. I so agree that without friends we would be lost. My best friend lives 2500 miles from here and if I couldn't call her, I would be lost. Although, I am sure there are days she would like to ignore me!!! :) Friends are too important.