Friday, July 18, 2008

The Homewreckers

By Thursday, despite me efforts, my house was messed up again and I am searching for a reason to ask my sister to babysit again at nap time. My dad, on fathers day, dubbed my boys "the home wreckers" and suggested that the next time we have dinner together, it should be at my house. Really, I prefer it at my house.

Oh crap! While typing this my little ones just figured out how to open the fron door and escaped. I caught them before they got away (the other day I turned my back and they were across the cow pasture and barefoot) and now am resorting to the deadbolt. And I am going to have to teach Finn not to ring the doorbell when he is locked out.
Wednsday, Finn spotted 2 oranges on the counter and decided that he should make orange know where this is going. He waited until his brothers were both awake and started in on his project. His brothers loved the juice, which was very pulpy and they resorted to shaking their cups to get a sip. I got the kitchen cleaned and mopped (a few times) while the boys screamed at the gate. Finn thinks we no longer need to buy orange juice, and I think I may not buy oranges for a long time.


  1. It does get better!

    Now, with this blog, you have a record of their misdeeds! He he he.

    Enjoy and {{{hugs}}} to you,

  2. I LOVE that Finn thinks that you don't need to buy orange juice anymore because he is such a great orange-juice maker! I LOVE it! I'm sorry that you didn't love cleaning your floor...again...I wouldn't love that either. I am really TIRED of cleaning the floor myself and I just have once child to clean up after.