Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 1, Not too bad

Alvin left Sunday morning and drove to Santa Clara (he arrived at 2am) and yesterday I completed my first day with out him. I cheated and had help and the say was pretty good. I tolerated the screaming as my sister watched the kids so I could shower and ran out the door, where the eye doctor told me the problem with my eye was gone (2 weeks with out contacts and antibiotics...what a nightmare). Spent a little time with the kids and headed to Silverdale.

Originally, I had planned to go alone but got the reminder call that Paxton had an appointment to check his weight. See when you have small kids you have to take them to the nutritionist to make sure you aren't starving them. Paxton has gained less than one pound in 2 months and he is still under the 3rd percent on the growth charts, but a gain is "improvement" (Quincy is over the 3rd, but not to the 5th and so he doens't have to be monitored...he stared out my smallest and but at this point he is the biggest). So I had time alone with him while we shopped & unfortunately he isn't my child that will sit in the cart. Hit a few stores, spent $$$ and came home.

Arrived home to an empty house, but the minute I opened the door, I could tell something was different. There were no shoes lying all over the entry way and things were hanging on the hooks (my little ones play with shoes, coats and hats several times a day and I have given up cleaning up after each time). No wonder why Kate is always in a good mood when her cleaning lady comes....and my kitchen wasn't even cleaned! I guess Quincy slept for several hours and Sol played with Finn, leaving my sister to fold 3 loads of laundry, vacuum and clean. It made the day so great that I wouldn't let the kids play inside the rest of the day.
On my shopping trip I bought a new swim floatie to take with us to the beach (but when) and the boys played "aliens," kind of like bumper cars, this morning. Now hopefully we will have good naps and I might get some sewign done...Would I be weird to take my sewing machine outside...I could do it while they play.


  1. Your boys are just too darn cute!!

    We had fun yesterday, despite the tantrums my lil ones decided to throw :) Once we were in the car they were fine.

    I hope your day is going good.
    talk to you soon.

  2. Those floaties sooo looked like flying saucers! Too funny that the boys would play with them like that! That was too kind of your sister to clean your house. Will you send her my way?

    Glad the boys are doing better on their weight! I'm sure it stinks to have someone else monitoring their food intake. Argh.