Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Cousins are HERE!

Our cousins are here for the summer. This is good and not always good. Sol is 10 and Ella is 7, and while Finn loves to play with them, he often plays like a 10 year old for months after they leave. On the flip side, they love to play here and that is helpful in accomplishing things in the twins presence. But, know that if you call me this summer, I may have 5 kids in my small house and it's bound to be chaotic.

Side note, Paxton used the potty for the first time tonight. I hope we didn't overdo the praise and clapping. I have waivered recently about buying cloth diapers (better for the environment and they potty train sooner) but Alvin won't agree to it (stink and hassle of more laundry and not as easy). If the boys stop using diapers soon, then I won't have to consider it again. And, if you stop by this summer, know that there might be naked boys roaming the back yard.

At last weekends Rotary Auction, my mom bought this giant inflatable water slide...for the kids. We set it up in our yard for a few days and Finn had a great time: Quincy and Pax weren't sure about it and when they felt the cold water, they decided it was best to stay away. Finn, Sol and Ella played on it for hours today (weather dropped to 70s and they didn't care). Afraid that we might run out of water (we are on a well that ran dry last year), my mom and I moved it to her paddock where it will probably be for the rest of the summer. I now feel like we have something to play with when we invite people over.

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  1. Isn't it fun to have grandparents around to spoil the kids!?! Jacob likes the idea of the waterslides, but he won't play on them either.

    Great job on the potty training! Jacob still isn't even remotely interested, argh.